Customer support, nowadays, isn’t what it once used to be. Today, customers don’t want to spend their time waiting to speak to a support agent over the phone or depend on any of the traditional channels of communication. They would any day choose self-service over anything else. This increased dependence on self-service has made it necessary for the security guard companies to implement Guardso client portal where they can share all the information the clients will need.

Further, take a look at why Guardso client portal is no longer an option but a must for security guard companies.

  • Improved Customer Collaboration

    Guardso client portal is one of the best extensions of customer support services you can offer to your clients. It will help them navigate all their post site reports seamlessly, as it ensures a streamlined report sharing process. Further, the 24/7 access to it from anywhere around the globe increases flexibility. 

    What’s even better is that the new Guardso guard tour system updates will take customer collaboration to the next level. The clients will be able to view schedules and request special coverage right from the Guardso client portal in real-time.

  • Easy Access To Information

    Clients, nowadays, need access to everything that’s important to them on the go. And Guardso client portal makes it easily possible to access vital guard our reports shared by guards using their Guardso mobile patrol app of all the site tours conducted on their post sites. Guardso client portal further ensures they are never bound to a place or a device to access all that information. All they need is an internet connection, and that’s it.

  • Secure Data Sharing

    We understand that data security is a topic that is of utmost importance to everybody nowadays. This is why we have taken extra measures to ensure that all the data shared by guards using their mobile patrol from the post sites with you on the Guardso client portal, as well as the managers on the Live Dashboard, is secure. Please note that only the clients with a username and a password can access the portal.

  • Reduced Customer Service Costs

    One of the greatest benefits of the Guardso guard tour system client portal is that your clients can save time & focus on what’s more important. They no longer have to set a foot outside & visit your office to collect or view reports of the site tours conducted on their post sites. Guardso client portal offers 24/7 self-service where your clients can log in to view all post-site data. Further, reducing your cost of expanding the human resources required for dedicated customer services.

  • Provide Personalized Information

    Giving clients access to the Guardso client portal doesn’t have to mean your security guard company needs to share every report or data received from guards on client sites. Guardso client portal provides every security guard company the opportunity to invite users and give admin access to reports as they deem fit. If you don’t want your clients to view task reports, no problem. You can simply check the report off not to be shared.
    Guard Tour System

  • Customized User Management

    The Guardso guard tour system client portal provides a unique advantage to your clients. Not only does it allow them to always stay in the loop but also their employees. How? With its help, your clients can have the ultimate power to invite multiple users to the portal. As per their requirement, they can define each user’s role and provide them with limited access to the portal. They can also easily manage user access from their end without any hassle.

  • Improved Customer Communication

    Clear communication with the clients has become the need of the hour. That’s what the Guardso client portal is all about. It offers every security guard company the ability to do just that effectively. In fact, the new Guardso updates coming soon will equip the client portal with crucial sections that will allow the client to easily view post orders given to guards on their post sites. 

  • Improved Customer Retention Levels

    The Guardso client portal is designed to help improve the reputation of every security guard company through positive client experience. Its user-friendly interface plays a very important role in it. While the valuable data that is easily made available in an easy to understand format makes it convenient for the clients. Eventually, encouraging high client retention rates.


Guardso client portal is capable of having a tremendous impact on your security guard business, and how well you can support your clients. It’s designed not only to encourage self-services but also to make it extremely convenient for your clients to collaborate with you, and improve your security services. If your security guard company isn’t using Guardso client portal yet, sign up to explore and get on board today!