Every security guard works diligently on client sites to protect both property & personnel. But using a security guard software like that of Guardso, you & your security guards can work smartly. You can enhance not only your guard’s performance but also your overall business performance. How? By making the most out of the various features available on Guardso security guard software.

In our last blog, we covered several such Guardso security guard software features, and we have more in store for you. Let’s check them out.  

Custom Reports

Did you know that Guardso security guard software provides access to over 25 different types of reports? In addition to that, it allows custom creating a variety more, for standard reports let you scratch only the surface when it comes to identifying trends & ways to improve security services.

When custom reports are created, they make the job of the guards easier. The guards need to only add information that is relevant as per the post site’s requirements. Thus, enabling faster reporting to further help identify inefficiencies quickly and make better data-driven decisions.

Watch Mode

Watch mode is undoubtedly one of the best features of the Guardso mobile app. It’s designed especially for guards to create videos on the go. They don’t even need to be checked-in on-site to use this feature and, therefore, can come handy in case of an emergency. Once the video is shot, it is automatically shared with the security managers to view it on the Live Dashboard in real-time.


Passdowns are logs generated by guards usually to pass the information about proceedings that took place during the shift with other guards. These logs help the guards on sequential shifts to access work that is completed and to easily determine how to proceed. Passdown logs are a great way not to improve communication between security guards but also to enhance their performance significantly.

Post Orders

Post orders are site-specific rules that security managers always share with guards before the shift starts that they can view & acknowledge on the Guardso mobile app. They are crucial to the success of the guards working on client sites as, without them, the guards simply may not know what to do, what is expected of them, and there is no accountability.

This is why Guardso security guard software enables the security managers to share concise, simply written post orders with ease. In fact, any changes made in them at the last moment or even if the guards are already working on the client site can be updated in real-time. Thus, ensuring the guards’ performance never suffers due to it.

Guard Portal


Post orders are crucial, as we already know. Despite that, they, at times,  can get complicated. This is why Guardso is all set to introduce a brand new feature called Checklist soon. It definitely won’t replace post orders but offer a better way to ensure your guard’s performance can be enhanced by helping them accomplish more each day

With it, you will be able to create a to-do list that will allow your guards to never let anything fall between the cracks on client sites. It will motivate them to take action & complete even the most complex of things on the checklist.


Tasks is one of the simplest tools of Guardso security guard software that’s built to help security managers delegate tasks. With its help, they can break down tasks into specific ones or plainly outline the who, what, when, where, why, & how if required. When that is done, the tasks seem much more attainable, helping the security guard reach the goals quickly & effectively. 

Note: On the request of the clients more tasks can be assigned & shared with the security guards working on client sites in real-time using Guardso.

Guard Portal

Guardso guard portal is the web version of the Guardso mobile app that was launched not too long ago. And it’s perfect in every way for security guards working from the office desk. They can log in to the web browser and clock-in, check schedules, view & acknowledge post orders, view reports, and much more. But that’s not it! Other security guards can access the guard portal too to work from anywhere and anytime. It’s an intuitively designed interface that improves guard productivity & performance significantly.

Messenger Application

Guardso’s messenger application is that one crucial piece of the system that brings everything together by letting the security managers & guards connect & collaborate. In addition to conveying vital information live, Guardso’s messenger application also ensures any miscommunication is clarified. 

Using it the guards from client sites can easily share multimedia files. They can communicate with other guards individually, in groups, or with everyone assigned on the same post site to keep everyone in the loop.

Live Notes In Dispatcher

Dispatcher plays a crucial role when it comes to responding to emergency calls coming in from multiple client sites. After the guards are assigned, the dispatcher automatically starts tracking the status of the dispatch call. While the live notes in it enable the dispatcher to interact with the guards live and help them respond to the situation effectively. And that ensures the performance of the security guard is alleviated to meet the high standards expected.

All of the above mentioned Guardso security guard software features will help you gain insight into the guard’s action and hold them accountable for their performance. To believe us, sign up for a 14 days free trial of Guardso security guard software and explore all its features.