Boosting security guard performance is a problem that every security guard company still faces in today’s modern workspace. To resolve this problem all you need to do is take a good look at Guardso security guard software. Enriched with powerful features it is designed to not only improve your bottom line but enhance guard’s performance & productivity by several folds. How? Let’s begin with understanding that.

GPS Tracking

A GPS tracking system is invaluable to every security guard company that wholly relies on timely execution and efficient performance. With it, you can track all your security guard’s location and movement on the live map. View inactive flags and further enhance field visibility. Discourage guards from skipping patrol sites to improve performance.

Guardso Live Tracker also enables you to view GPS history to help analyze trends. This helps improve response time along with improved customer services and overall safety of the guards on client sites.


Establishing accountability and reinforcing schedule compliance is one of the greatest benefits of a geofence. But establishing it and linking it to a GPS tracker takes it to another level. It allows knowing when a guard has entered or exited the defined geofenced location with precision, improving efficiency.

The new Guardso security guard software updates will enable you to create allowed and restricted areas to map out custom geo zones. Realtime notifications will keep you updated if the guard check-in.out outside the geofence.

Guided Site Tours

Guided site tours can give your clients a sense of comfort, knowing that the guards will cover all the critical areas on their property. To ensure that NFC tags & QR codes right from the Guardso security guard software can be printed and used as checkpoints on client sites.

Every time a security guard reaches a checkpoint, the tag/code needs to be scanned. If a checkpoint is ever missed by a guard, the manager is immediately notified. It is one of the perfect ways to ensure all critical areas are secured remotely. 

Note: The new Guardso security guard software update coming soon will also support virtual site tours. 


Scheduling is at the core of every security guard company in the security industry. Automating this process is not only the fastest way to make the biggest impact on your bottom line bust also to drastically improve your guard performance.

Using the Guardso security guard software, you can schedule guards based on their skills to make them feel their skills are being fairly used. Even better, you can create Open Shifts that will allow the guards to pick & choose the shift they want to work. Swap Shifts allows them to exchange shifts with other guards, whenever required. While Time Off lets them request leaves from anywhere, effortlessly. Visitor Management System

Shift Status

Many security guard companies still rely on time-consuming procedures to make sure their security guards show up on client sites when they should be investing in an automated scheduler that allows getting shifts confirmed. Shift Status, a brilliant extension of the Guardso security guard software scheduler allows just doing that.

Using the Guardso guard tour mobile app, the guards can confirm the shifts assigned to them. While Shift Status helps managers rest assured that the guards will show up on client sites as expected. Also, this way, the manager only needs to worry about the shift not confirmed in time.

Time Clock

One key pillar to improving your guard’s performance is efficiency, accuracy, and insightful time tracking. It’s the reason why Guardso security guard software is equipped with a powerful Time Clock. It enables you to do more than just capture your security guard’s total work hours – define breaks, reconcile attendance in bulk, etc.

Every time a security guard checks-in/out of a client site or takes a break, all the data is automatically captured and stored securely on the cloud. Since all this data is also made available to the guards to analyze and view past trends, it encourages them to start their shift on time and work diligently on client sites.

Visitor Log

One of the greatest benefits of equipping your guards on client sites with a visitor management system is that it saves time and enhances guard productivity. While streamlining the whole process, it also improves professionalism. 

Guardso visitor management system enables the guards to effortlessly check visitors and vehicles in and out from anywhere on the client’s property. Whereas in a building, replacing visitor log books with such a system ensures data security, accuracy, and reduced visitor line.

Vehicle Patrol

Vehicle patrol security is one of the most hired security services that cover multiple areas at a greater pace to ensure complete security. To improve vehicle patrol guard performance, Guardso security guard software is all set to release new Vehicle Patrol settings.

Not only will it enable you to reset vehicle patrol hit count at a particular time but also synchronize hit counts with every vehicle patrol guard on the same site. Synchronizing hit counts will let the guards view all patrol data to complete total hit counts together instead of conducting them individually. 

All of the above mentioned Guardso security guard software features will help you gain insight into the guard’s action and hold them accountable for their performance. To believe us, sign up for a 14 days free trial of Guardso security guard software and explore all its features.