About GuardsPro New Updates

GuardsPro 8.0 is now available! A major update with new design improvements, features, and modules that’ll enhance your security guard operation’s experience has been released.

For many security guard companies, GuardsPro security guard management system has become indispensable, and this year we’ve created even more ways it can enhance your security guard services. The new GuardsPro 8.0 is built to help you stay more connected while sharing data across multiple channels seamlessly in real-time. 

GuardsPro 8.0, brings new ways to start operating your security guard company. And we can’t wait for you to experience it by trying it out yourself by signing up for a 30-day free trial if you already don’t have an account.

Here Is What’s New:

Redesigned GuardsPro Guard Tour System

GuardsPro gets a brand new design that makes navigating easy and data more accessible. The new system loads much faster is highly responsive and is focused on improving user experience. GuardsPro security guard management platform is hosted in a robust cloud system, making it faster, highly available, and secure. 

We have completely reinvented GuardsPro from the ground up which includes design improvements in back-office dashboard, client web portal, guard web portal, guard mobile app, and client mobile app.

New features, such as vehicle patrol, analytics, security teams, multiple report updates, deep linking, etc. make it even more unique and powerful. 

Back-Office Dashboard Updates: A Whole New Experience

Analytics: Introducing a brand new analytics module with the details for schedule and reports. It’s designed to help you evaluate crucial data graphically and make informed decisions quickly.

Reports: The new updates in this module now allow the users to edit and delete check-in/out entries including map longitude/latitude coordinates. In the check-in/out report, users can also view what type of check-in and check-outs there are, whether vehicle patrol or standard. We have now added comments features.

The back-office users can now add comments and mention each other throughout the system. When a user mentions another user, the user is notified about it on the activity page with a brief message and a link to go to that comment.

You now also have the ability to flag reports and notify users hassle-free.

Report Format: Better improvements in report export as PDF, Excel, and print.

Scheduler: The new scheduler has been redesigned for a better user experience. Now it also allows the admins and managers to view the schedule in daily and weekly format by choosing post site or guards, instead of in the form of lists. While scheduler settings automatically allow assigning and confirming an open shift for the first guard who accepts the shift.

GuardsPro scheduler now also includes Exchange Shift. It enables security guards to request the admin to exchange shifts or pass it to another guard.

Deep Linking: We’ve inserted deep linking in email notifications for all user types so that you can be directed to a specific page instead of a login page of GuardsPro.

Guard Setting: New changes in the guard setting now allow security guards to view other guards submitted reports in real-time, geofence settings allow guards to clock out outside geofence, disable guards from creating new groups or individual chats, and a setting to force guards to follow vehicle patrol routes.

Security Team: Now GuardsPro gives you the option to add back-office team members along with security guards under the menu called security teams. You can keep detailed profiles of the back-office users by adding notes to the profile and easily viewing the logs and giving access to the system.

Vehicle Patrol: Next we have a brand new addition to the GuardsPro guard tour system – vehicle patrol module. It is divided into 2 sub-menus – vehicle and routes.

Vehicle – You can add and edit vehicle details – the year of build, make, model, license plate, collar, notes, and description as well as add them to specific categories, and view the current status of the vehicle online.

Routes – It allows you to define new routes for vehicle patrol guards on duty. Using it, you can add a date, start/end time, include multiple post sites, the number of hits to be made, their duration, and assign a guard and vehicle for the patrol. To further simplify the process, we’ve enabled the drag and drop post site feature in the vehicle patrol route.

Dark Mode: Your security managers can now change their back-office dashboard’s setting to dark mode as per their requirements.

Time Clock/Payroll Hours By Report: Hours by report is a great way to find client, post site, skill set, and department-specific data at your fingertips. It is now available under the time clock/payroll with the ability to export these reports.

Company Settings: You can now provide a description in license type. The users can also now decide which format to choose from – 12 hours or 24 hours. As well as you can define multiple tax types under company settings.

Invoicer Item Feature: There is a new menu called Item where a user can define an item as taxable or non-taxable.

Messenger: Now while adding users in a group of all users, you can view all users instead of only guards. The new update also allows the admin to delete user groups and gives permission to the users to delete groups created by them.

Time Log: Users can now add comments in time log entries and attendance time log entries for better clarity.

Payroll: You can now delete all past payrolls or a specific past payroll of a guard. Now users can go to the past individual payroll entries and easily edit them.

Post Order: Now you can assign post orders to all or specific guards.

Daily Activity Report: Now you can have the system auto-email reports weekly and allow users to select incident and standard reports of a post site.

Improved Security: GuardsPro has upgraded its security by adding 2-step authentication for the back-office users.

Back-Office Users: In order to keep GuardsPro competitive, cost-effective, and to make sure to provide a unique user experience with excellent customer support, we will be counting the number of back-office users against the total number of users including the guards. 

Mobile App Updates: Tools To Help Guards Find Focus

Vehicle Patrol: The new Vehicle Patrol feature allows security guards to conduct vehicle patrol based on predefined routes.

Scheduler: The guard can now offer a confirmed shift to another guard as well as view daily/weekly/monthly confirmed, unconfirmed, and open shifts right after logging in to the app.

Day And Time Format: The guard can now decide which format to choose from – 12 hours or 24 hours to patrol without any confusion and see the day in front of the date on every screen.

Autosave drafts: All reports now have an autosave feature that automatically saves the draft while the guard is typing and patrolling the client site.

Tour tag icons: All the tour tags are now displayed on the post-site map for security guards to view hassle-free.

Geofence: If there’s a geofence created for a post site on the live map, from now on it will be visible to the security guards logged in to that site on the GuardsPro mobile app. The guards are also now not required to clock out within the geofence with a few changes in the web settings.

Dark Mode: Your guards can now change their app setting to dark mode as per their requirements.

Guard Tour System

Bottom line: Streamline Security Services Unlike Before

GuardsPro is committed to building the world’s best security guard management software, and this update takes it even further with brand new ways to navigate and streamline your security guard services. 

Using this version of the GuardsPro guard tour system, you will experience significantly enhanced features and dozens of tweaks and changes. For more information, please visit us at guardspro.com, even better to experience this update first-hand, sign up for a 30-day free trial to get started now.