Punctuality is one of the most important qualities a security guard must-have. The main question is how are you helping your guards to be punctual. With the Guardso guard tour mobile app, you can rest assured your security guards are equipped with the right tools to help them be punctual.

Here’s our quick take on how effectively it can help cultivate punctuality among your security guards:

Clock-In/Out Shift In Real-Time

The first step will definitely be to phase out the manual attendance system and deploy a guard tour system equipped with a guard mobile app like that of Guardso. It enables the guards to automatically record attendance by clocking-in & out of the client site leaving no scope for proxy attendance. In fact, the guards can also use the Guardso guard portal, the web version of the guard tour mobile app to clock-in/out of a shift in real-time.

Check-In/Out In Geofenced Areas 

When in a geofenced area, the Guardso guard tour mobile app of security guards allows them to automatically check-in & out of the client site. The new Guardso updates will take it to another level by further allowing the managers to create authorized and restricted areas. In addition to that, they will also be able to receive real-time notifications if the guards check-in or out outside the geofence.

Access Schedules Beforehand

Shifts assigned to guards through Guardso security guard scheduler are always made available on the Guardso guard tour mobile app beforehand. Allowing guards to have access to such vital information is crucial in preventing delay at the last minute. 

Choose & Confirm The Shifts

Whenever an open shift is added in the Guardso guard tour system, guards are notified about it in real-time. Not only do they have the option to pick and choose the shift they want to work, but also confirm them to ensure they will be on site. Thus, reducing unplanned absences.

Even after confirming the shift if guards can’t work, they have the option to swap shifts with other guards. Also, if the managers are informed on time, they can easily assign the shift to other guards to get the site tours done as scheduled.

Guard Portal

Change In Schedules Are Notified

Since schedules aren’t written in stone, they can be changed and updated as per the requirements of the client in real-time. For you to be able to do that, your guard tour system should be capable of helping you easily adapt to those changes. Further allowing you to notify the guards about those changes live.

Guardso guard tour system is designed to help managers exactly do that and share vital information with guards on their guard tour mobile app.

Notifications Are Sent Before Shift Starts

For security guards, it is possible to lose track of time even when they are trying to be conscious of it. And that is completely alright. But what can be done to improve such situations is, notify your security guards. Guardso guard tour system automatically sends reminders to guards before the shift starts on their guard tour mobile app to let them be more timely.

View Current & Past Time Logs

One of the greatest things about security guards being able to track their own time is that they get to see the whole picture – how punctual and productive they actually are. Since everything on the Guardso guard tour system is recorded in a centralized location, that makes it easier to view and analyze information, track trends, target weakness, and increase efficiency. 

Post Orders, Checklist, & Tasks

Punctuality isn’t all about a security guard reaching the client site on time. It is also about getting all the tasks done within a specified time period on every client site. Creating and sharing accurate post orders and tasks with the guards can help them manage their time in an effective way on-site.

To take it to the next level, the Guardso guard tour system is soon introducing a brand new feature called checklist. It will further help ensure everything needed to be done on-site by the security guards is done by managing their time accordingly.

For more information on the Guardso guard tour system, head to our website guardso.com or even better sign up for our 14 days free trial to explore all our features.