Every security guard’s main objective whether using a security patrol solution or not is to eventually protect people, place, property or assets. In order to do that, security guards, first of all, must be made aware of the basic training requirements, which often vary according to employers policies and what the guards will be guarding. Reason being, a security guard of one area certainly cannot work in another, unless he is professionally trained to do so.

Due to such diversity in requirements, security guard courses are designed to specifically train them to handle security issues in different areas. But, how can a security patrol solution be included in these courses to ensure, security guards are prepared to take on every task? To find that out, let’s take a look at those courses.

1. Personal Security Guard Training Course
Personal security guards, also generally known as bodyguards, closely protect people and property from threats and criminal activities. They are the ones responsible for safely escorting individuals from one place to another as well as monitoring suspicious activities from a stationary position. But, is that it? Definitely not!

Personal security guard’s job description also includes reporting imminent threats or occurrence of any criminal activity to the law enforcement department. This is where including a security guard reporting software of security patrol solution in training can prove beneficial. Not only can the guard take real quick notes of the incident, but also attach videos and photos for reference for his manager but also the police, if required.

2. Residential Security Guard Training Course
Residential security guards, as the name suggests and the work they do is drastically different from bodyguarding. Unlike them, which is all about the close and personal protection of an individual, residential security guarding involves patrolling private residential properties and areas, safeguarding against illegal activities. In such scenarios,  implementing security guard training can reduce on-site risks and a security patrol solution can help amplify this process.

A security guard tracking system, a major module of a security patrol solution ensures every nook and crook of the property the guards are protecting is covered accurately. QR tags or NFC codes generated by the management used as checkpoints enhances reliability. Further, knowing all about the security guard tracking system in-depth can boost security guard accountability. But, did you know residential security guards also have the authority to detain individuals who violate the law until the police arrive?

3. Corporate Security Guard Training Course
Security guards in a corporate setting are generally employed to guard physical property as well as the personnel from vandalism, theft, bodily harm or illegal activities. But, often these duties of the guards differ in two scenarios.

  • In the retail industry, they may monitor security cameras, apprehend shoplifting suspects or even patrol parking lots.
  • On the other hand, office buildings or financial institutions hire guards to guard the entrances or exits to buildings, respond to company alarms, protect employees & customers and provide general surveillance.

Despite that, their common duties involve writing daily reports for which a security guard reporting software is perfect. To be able to send those reports from their mobile phones, what more can a guard ask for. But, to know how it’s done can be incorporated in training. Other common duties involve, answering phone calls, and contacting the fire department or law enforcement in certain circumstances.