“If time is money, then efficiency is profit”

As a competitive security guard company, you understand that the secret of making a profit is providing the best services to your customers and doing it in the most efficient and smart manner. Relying on paper reports to manage valuable information is definitely neither smart nor efficient. A real-time guard tour system is the best bet.

Why? Because it is the faster, easier and more secure way of managing information and that too in real-time. To help you invest, here is a list of features you should look out for while choosing the best real-time guard tour system for your business:

Hassle Free Scheduling

Managing a security guard company using paper is a clear source of too many headaches. It is very common for officers not showing up for work because they lost their schedules or for the managers to repeat phone calls and filling the paper or online forms. A good guard tour system allows you to create post order, add notes, assign guards, create site tours, and assign tasks cutting all hassles.

GPS Live Tracking

The GPS locator system is accurate and shows continuous data of each guard’s activity. GPS tour systems can be installed in a vehicle or a smartphone. It is always better to choose the security guard monitoring system that works with the cellular based device. This ensures that the guard’s exact location is trackable in mayhem even when he is not in his vehicle.

QR Codes/NFC Tags

Unique QR codes/NFC Tags are assigned to each guard which has to be scanned wherever they give their services. This cuts out the hassle of manually updating the task completion. Also, the security guard manager is well informed about the task due and completed.

Time Clock

The time clock is a timekeeping system that provides an advanced alternative to manual attendance system and timesheets. A real-time guard tour system should be equ ipped with time and attendance software that provides an uninterrupted record of a watchman’s activities.

Real-Time Reporting

It can severely affect your services if you count on a system that solely relies on reviews of past work and incident reports. By doing so you are highly limiting your ability to respond to threats in real-time and therefore mitigating against misadventures. A real-time guard tour system limits your chances of possible disruptions and ensures that distress calls are immediately responded to and there is no delay in responding to emergency calls

Secure Messaging

For a security guard company to perfectly execute all their security operations proper coordination and effective communication is the key. Isn’t it? Therefore, choose a real-time guard tour system that allows the admin and the guards to communicate seamless across devices in real-time with secure user access to cut miscommunication.


While using a guard tour system, dispatchers see every issue in one dashboard and choose to dispatch the first available officer, a specific officer, or a field supervisor. Guardso gives you the ease of monitoring alarms, answering phones, dispatching security officers, and contacting facilities about maintenance issues.

Visitor Check-In

Using pen & paper to document visitor details is no longer acceptable. And why should it be? Lack of privacy and security makes it impossible to rely on it today. A visitor check-in system as part of the real-time guard tour system, on the other hand, can help eliminate that by digitizing the process. It can organize & store all information in a secure database which can’t be duplicated or compromised.

Online Billing

Online invoicing & payments trends for security guard industry are on the rise and are definitely here to stay. Which is why you should look for a real-time guard tour system equipped with an invoicing software which can meet your unique invoicing & payment needs. That can create professional-looking estimates and convert them into invoices, support multi-currency invoices, track invoice delivery, record payments, and so much more.

Easy & Authorized Access To Data

Using cloud-based guard tour system you can virtually transfer your office to any location worldwide and shrug off locality limitations. Choose a security guard monitoring system that allows you the flexibility of accessing your data anywhere by the authorized personnel anywhere. Give your clients the ease of checking the daily reports on their smartphone.

Ability To Manage Bulk Information

We understand as the scale of operations increases, the data to managed grows tremendously. The perfect guard tour system like Guardso, allows you to add multiple client profiles, add multiple post sites under a client, details of the guards, regular reports, guards’ license and much more.

Guardso is a real-time guard tour system takes the hassle out of your security patrol operations by improving the way you store, manage and share information. You improve the communication flow bringing in effectiveness to your operations and minimizing infrastructure and delivery costs.