Did you know, working long hours can be bad for both your health and your productivity? A lot of people are aware of it and in spite of that, they continue to work for long hours. But, in some professions, it’s not an option. One among them is the job of a patrol guard which demands a lot of efforts and consumes a lot of time.

Getting rid of it may not be possible for a patrol guard, but dealing with it appropriately using the right tips & tricks we’ve jotted down for you can certainly do wonders as things to keep in mind when equipping your security patrolling guards did. Excited much? Let’s get started.

Make A Little Time For Yourself

As according to the latest trends, a patrol guard is required to work in a shift of either 8-hour or 12-hour, day or night at a stretch. They are very much legal as according to the Fair Labour Standard Act (FLSA). Though, there are no laws dedicated to regulate long shifts. Therefore, a patrol guard needs to take control of making a little time for himself to keep his sanity intact. It can be done by taking a small step as waking up a few minutes early to meditate or to take a walk.

Plan Ahead Of Time

“A man who does not plan ahead will find trouble at his door,” said Confucius. And it’s a fact applicable to as well as essential even for a patrol guard to follow so as to ensure his survival. To do just that, Guardso guard patrol system offers the perfect opportunity through its open shift & shift confirmation feature to a patrol guard to pick & confirm the shift he or she wants to work. Being able to do that while using Guardso’s security guard scheduling module, a patrol guard can choose different post sites to work as well as plan his other schedules accordingly to never miss anything important in his life.

Take Regular Breaks

Taking regular breaks is one of the best ways to get through long working hours and also to improve the productivity of a patrol guard on the job. That’s why even FLSA has prescribed rest periods of short duration, usually 20 minutes or less to be counted as hours worked. But, under the same act it is also required to keep a record of it along with numerous things. In that case, Guardso guard tour system allows not only to effectively keep track of the breaks but also their attendance through impeccable timesheets.

Minimize Distractions At Work

Time goes by so fast when you are focused and organized with the work at hand. But, with a grueling schedule, it can get tough for a patrol guard to manage his or her time without getting distracted. To effectively manage and to stay focused a guard patrol system’s mobile patrol app can be helpful. It keeps track of all the activities of the patrolling guards, helps them report every detail from the post site, and easily & quickly share photos and videos in real-time.

So, what’s your plan?