The struggle of adjusting to night shifts by patrol security guards can be exhausting both physically and mentally. Reason being, it takes more than just flip-flopping sleep schedules to adjust to the night shift patterns. If not done right, not only is it capable of affecting their performance on the job, but also their health and life outside of work

So, for you, we have 5 tried & tested tips that efficient patrol security guards do to adjust to night shifts.

Prepare Ahead For Transition

Patrol security guards often have to work in shifts assigned by their managers which using Guardso’s mobile patrol app can be eliminated. Efficient guards have the opportunity to schedule the shifts they want to work which allows them to stay both mentally & physically prepared to do their job at night with ultimate accuracy. However, if that’s not an option, Guardso’s open shift feature can make that happen for you, else make sure to map out a plan to schedule your life accordingly.

Increase Your Water Intake

Being a guard you might already be aware of the importance of staying hydrated while on patrol during a day shift. But, did you know it’s equivalently important for patrol security guards at nighttime to help them stay awake, alert, and fresh? So, put your Guardso mobile patrol app to best use keeping track & also to remind you to keep drinking water at regular intervals from a reusable water bottle.

Minimize Caffeinated Drinks

Caffeinated drinks are one of the most common things all night shift workers often turn towards keeping themselves awake. But, efficient patrol security guards, on the contrary, avoid such aids as they only have short-term effects which due to persistent usage may also increase the risk of dependence. Instead, they stay focused with the Guardso’s security reporting software, customized to report every hour or as desired by the security manager.

Create Favourable Environment For Sleeping

Patrol security guards working at night often tend to face problems like sleep loss and fatigue. And it’s due to the fact that daytime sleep is usually shorter, lighter, and of poor quality that’s easily disturbed by daytime temperature and noise. Therefore, it becomes of more importance to try to maintain a normal level of sleep and rest by creating a favorable environment for getting enough sleep. To do that, try using:

  1. Heavy curtains
  2. Blackout blinds
  3. Earplugs

Fun fact: Electronic devices, TV included emits blue light that can keep you awake for a long time. So, no matter how tempted you feel to reach out for them to check your email, Facebook, or news, avoid them at all cost.

Plan Quality Meals For Yourself

It’s the food that keeps us going. So, take little extra care while considering the timing & quality of your meals. Instead of a single heavy fatty or spicy meal, consume several light meals that are less likely to cause drowsiness as recommended by efficient patrol security guards. Since digestive problems are common due to the disruption of the body clock, makes sure those meals include foods that are easy to digest as well as the snacks.

So, apart from utilizing the Guardso’s mobile patrol app and its powerful security reporting software to the max, how are you going to prepare to adjust to night shifts?