Hiring reliable private patrol guards is one of the most critical and challenging aspects of running and improving a successful private patrol business. The reason being resumes, cover letters, and online profiles only provide critical information covering education, skills, and background. That is clearly not enough because skills can be taught on the job and knowledge can be gained over time. What matters today is the ability of the person you are hiring to fit into your organization’s culture.

It requires a mindset that’s willing to learn, adjust, and even figure out a way to work efficiently in an environment that keeps changing. So, while hiring private patrol guards, get to know them to ensure they are the right fit for your private patrol company and its culture. Here are a few ways you can use to screen private patrol guards for cultural fit.

How To Screen Private Patrol Guards For A Cultural Fit?

Begin With Understanding Your Company Culture

Managers of a private patrol company need to have a good understanding of their company culture to begin screening private patrol guards for behavior that promotes organizational culture. 

The simple reason behind it is the fact that determining whether a prospective private patrol guard is a great cultural fit or not is dependent on the company’s core values and then the individual’s personality traits. When you as a manager of a private patrol company are aware of it, hiring the right private patrol guards becomes easier.

Screen Your Candidates Before Interviewing

One of the best ways for the managers of a private patrol company to screen your prospective private patrol guards before interviewing is by thorough reference checking. This section on the resume is not only for lie detection, but also to learn about the prospective private patrol guard’s personality. Therefore, it is an important part of judging if the applicant will fit with the culture or not.

So, take the time to call or email the reference mentioned on the resume. He or she, as a previous coworker or employer, will be able to shed light on the private patrol guard in a way no one else will be able to. Even if it seems like a hassle doing it at the moment, it will be worth it to hire the right private patrol guard in the long run.

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Be Prepared To Ask The Right Questions

Now that you’re well aware of your company culture and have already screened the prospective private patrol guards before interviewing, what’s next? Prepare a list of behavioral questions. It will act as the perfect tool to screen for cultural fit while helping you to draw out information in a private patrol guard.

However, begin all your interviews by asking the prospective private patrol guard what specifically drew them to your company. Asking this one question will help you eliminate private security patrol guards who haven’t done their homework, and you’ll be surprised by the number. In addition to that, keep the questions open-ended that target your private patrol company’s values. The right private patrol guard will go to reflect on your core values automatically.

Conduct A Performance-Based Interview

Truth be told, not everyone can excel in all cultures, management styles, or in all types of roles and organizations. And that’s the reason why employees in performance-based jobs such as private patrol guards leave. Conducting a performance-based interview can help you as a manager of a private patrol company to understand the circumstances underlying their major success.

Even when their past performance matches your current company requirements, it can help you understand if they have been able to accomplish their work under different circumstances using cutting-edge technology such as that of GuardsPro guard tour system. That can display a strong upside potential to become the best hires with the ability to grow and take on bigger roles in the private patrol company over time.


Screening private patrol guards to find the right cultural fit will take a lot of time and effort. But hiring the right private patrol guard aligned with your core values and cutting-edge technology as that of GuardsPro guard patrol solution will fit in immediately and perform effectively right from the beginning. That will help grow your private patrol business continuously.