The level of competition is at an all-time high. As important it is to gain new clients, it is equally crucial to creating client retention strategies to be able to conquer and win over the market in the long run.

Instating a real-time guard tour system will bring efficiency and effectiveness to your security company management. This will serve as a foundation for your strategies for gaining and retaining customers.

Well, it is sort of impossible to talk about it all in a single post if we are to understand the client retention strategies in a comprehensive manner. So let’s eat the elephant one bite at a time:

Make Sure You Meet Customer’s Expectations:
The clients measure their satisfaction by how much you could match up to the expectations. You learn how to handle the expectations with experience in security guard management but let’s know if we can work it out:

1.1    Ask what your customer expects: The first time you meet your customer be very clear about he expects when investing in your security services. What is he looking for? 24/7 patrols, has commercial or private property, needs armed or unarmed security, the price he is willing to pay? If you are clear about what the other party is looking for it becomes easy for you to pitch your services and make sure you both are on the same page.

1. 2   Set realistic expectations: Fake promises can taint your image not only for one client but for the whole market. Do not promise the service for which you are not equipped. If you are using a real-time guard tour system, you have accurate data at hand that you can use to examine your performance levels and to what extent you can promise beyond your current capacity.

Build Better Communication:
If you have been in a security guard management for some time now you know that the biggest complaint from the customers is that there is lack of a proper communication flow from the security guard company. Don’t give them the chance do to so. Get a real-time guard tour system like Guardso installed. This makes sure your clients are always updated with the information they need in pre-analyzed charts.

Better And Regular Reporting:
This is as simple as 1-2-3 but most companies ignore how important this actually is. Don’t be one of them.
Clients do not need a detailed quantitative data piled up in files on their desks every day. They need precise data that is easily readable, and better if this can be provided in an app with daily incident reports presented in chart form. If the customer can go through the report in 2 minutes, the company is gaining on customer satisfaction.

Create Cost Transparency:
You may come across clients with different budgets. Analysing data to pitch the plan costs can be time taking and many times before you know it your competitor closed the deal. Having a security patrol app gives you a clear idea of your performance levels and you can quickly get to related operational costs so that you can plan your profit margins well in advance and pitch the best cost plans to suit the client requirements. Even for a present customer, if he wants to upgrade to a different plan, you always know how to be transparent regarding the cost.

Making Them A Part Of The Technology Used:
How do you gain a technological edge over your competitors? By automating your business and making your clients a part of it. When your customers are sure that you use the best security patrol app, they trust your services more. Guardso streamlines the communication flow between the clients, guards and the management. Technology creates a comfort zone for your clients and they feel a part of the team. Client retention strategies are based on how comfortable the client feels working with your organisation.

Become A Trusted Advisor To Your Clients:
Clients have come to you for security services, this implies two things- they trust you are the expert in the industry and they are serious about the safety of their property.
You ought to solidify their trust, give them updates regarding new security trends or equipment they can install to further protect their premises. This does not mean you are cutting out your own business but the clients are assured that you are as concerned about their safety as they are.

The list of client retention strategies does not end here, we have more nuggets of knowledge up our sleeves. We will discuss more in the next blog.