Fire watch security guards have many responsibilities and roles to fulfill. Security guard companies train security guards to protect property as well as lives from natural and human events. Fire watch security guards are often the people at the scene of the fire. Their role is to prevent damage to life and property.

Here are a few of the most important roles that security guards play to prevent and control fire. 


Preventing fire is one of the most important duties of security guards. Security guards patrol and maintain their posts and keep a watch on potential fire hazards. Storing combustible or flammable items close to heat sources, unusual sparks, and fire from electrical equipment is something they carefully take into account. They should also inspect the fire extinguishers visually to make sure they are not damaged and haven’t passed their expiry dates.

Calling the Fire Department

If the fire alarm goes off, or there is smoke or any other sign of fire, then the security guards need to confirm the occurrence of fire. Once a fire outbreak is visually confirmed by the security guard, he should activate the alarm if it isn’t already ringing. Then he should call the fire department. Besides calling the fire department, he should also call the supervisor to inform about the circumstance. He should ensure personal safety by working with other security guards while waiting for the arrival of emergency services.

Helping in Evacuation

When fire starts in a crowded place such as a shopping mall or business center, the security guards need to follow the emergency procedure of the employer. Directing the people to the nearest emergency exit is one of the most crucial parts of the procedure. Before any fire-related incidents happen, the security guard must ensure that the exit or corridors are not being blocked by anything because, in case of an emergency, they are the only way out of the premises for the crowd.

Additional Roles

Depending on the jobsite, security guards may get exposed to hazardous chemicals and materials if there is an incident of fire at the workplace. Therefore, if the workplace has potential hazardous chemicals stored, a security guard should learn about that in advance. This will help him keep himself as well as the people safe.

The best practice for security guards is to have a plan ready for the event of a fire.