Holidays are that time of the year when most of us get the opportunity to finally take a break from work to relax. But, the truth is not all jobs are created the same. For some, it turns out to be one of the busiest & dangerous times of the year. The job of a private security guard is no different from this scenario.

Every private security guard faces various risks while protecting the public to the best of their abilities. The holiday season tends to only increase that responsibility, which is why it also becomes important they feel safe too. Therefore, for every private security guard out there here’s the perfect safety guide for this holiday season.

Learn In & Out Of Post-Site

To stay safe and to perform well, begin with learning the in & out of your post-site. On quite periods walk on the QR tag enabled site tour patrol routes to stay on track but discover important areas. Guardso’s geofencing can also be easily utilized to know the areas you have access to. In case of emergencies, knowing this will help you move through & guide the people to their safety. In such scenarios, Guardso also let you stay connected with the dispatcher to report the incident in real time and to get help immediately.

Alerting The Police

The safety and security of a lot of people are dependent on a private security guard. So, it’s important he does not put himself in danger unless necessary as per company policies shared with him on his mobile patrol app. He can observe, thoroughly assess the situation, report with photos, create passdown logs for other guards, and create a video using Guardso’s watch mode log to serve as a proof in court if required. But, call the police immediately so they can handle the situation that’s beyond your abilities.

Reporting Incidents

Reporting is an essential part of every private security guard’s job that Guardso private guard tour system ensures getting done in the real-time. The guards can share a variety of reports from Guardso’s mobile patrol app with the managers as well as the clients. That helps to take appropriate actions to prevent incidents from happening during the festive time. But, for that the guard needs to include who, what, where, why, when & how. They can even attach a photo, video, & audio file for better on-site insight.

Carry Your Defensive Gear

Not all private patrol guards are allowed to carry guns to their post sites. So, do not miss the opportunity to carry whatever gears you are allowed on your duty belt. It’s important to have quick access to them whenever or wherever required. Therefore, before you begin your shift remember to always ensure they are in proper working condition. As for employers, it’s a matter of great importance because there are a few basic things to keep in mind when equipping the security patrolling guards. Are you aware of them?

Maintain A Safe Distance

A private security guard has to interact with a large portion of public on a daily basis. But during the holiday season guards need to stay active more than usual. For your own safety as well as others, you need to remain out of reach when speaking to the public. Looking into the person’s eyes and observing their movement can help you defend yourself when required. And Guardso, on the other hand, can create audio and video files to support your actions with a few taps on the Guardso mobile patrol app.

Random Patrol

During the holiday season don’t let your patrols get too predictable for anyone to sneak between them to commit a crime. Keep them random by choosing different time intervals and mixing them up. When working alone remain in well-lit and open areas unless absolutely necessary to go into isolated, narrow, or hidden away areas. Guardso private guard tour system in such a situation with it’s GPS live tracking can help a manager keep track of you, thus ensuring your safety.

Schedule Smartly

Instead of working hard, every private security guard should learn to work smart with Guardso’s powerful scheduling module. With it, you can consider flexible work patterns and job rotations.  All you need to do is pick & choose the shift you want to work as per your convenience to stay safe from bad weather conditions. Without interrupting scheduled patrol, this software also allows defining proper breaks for hot drinks or snacks at regular intervals.

Emergency Procedures

The thing about an emergency is that it can hit anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Therefore, every private security guard should be thoroughly briefed on emergency procedures to not only save other’s lives but their own. Random and unexpected drills should be scheduled before the holiday season. A private guard tour system with a dispatch module should be incorporated to report any incident in real-time and to get immediate help.

This holiday season, stay safe!