There are literally hundreds of cost-effective ways for a security guard company to increase their revenue. But, for a lot of business owners creating high-impact marketing strategies to push through to meet the sales goals for the year doesn’t come naturally. Therefore, if your security guard company is in need of time-tested, low-cost marketing strategies, there are many great options.

But, just for you, we’ve selected a few among the best economical marketing strategies that will for sure bring in more customers, retain the older ones, and increase your ROI. Although, there are other hacks that also work to grow your private patrol company, today here we are to take a look at the best economical marketing strategies.

They are as follows:

1. Develop Better Proposals
As a security guard company, you might already be aware of the importance of creating the right proposal. Then, be it about responding to a call for proposals or sending one in unsolicited, it has to include a few significant aspects to ensure it always stands a chance to win. Reason being they won’t always be read from cover to cover.

Most likely they are going to be skimmed in the beginning, and then flipped back to review the prices. So, develop the proposal in such a manner that it catches the attention of the prospective clients in the first few pages because if you don’t, you’ve already lost all the leverage in the conversation. But, remember it isn’t all about you but the clients, and the various ways guard tour solutions can be used to resolve their problems.

For instance, let them know how your security guards use the mobile patrol app to conduct the patrol as per schedule and report back in real-time. How photos and videos can be taken and shared with them on the client portal. How every little detail regarding the patrol can be made available, which can only be accessed by them using a password. Which means a complete security of data and their privacy.

2. Commit To Existing Customers
In this digital era where everyone is so focused on acquiring new customers the existing ones are often forgotten. Truth be told, research suggests that the cost of acquiring a new customer is 5 times greater than retaining or even keeping the existing one happy. Therefore, today every security guard company has begun to understand this fact and appreciate the existing clients who already know and trust them.

Therefore, consider this low-cost marketing strategy to leverage customer value to fast track your business growth. Personalise the customer experience using guard tour solutions which in the long run will become the key to your success. It not only means customizing the online experience or marketing message but also tailoring the ways to reach your customers.

Client portal of Guardso, for instance, is the perfect example that allows the customers to get insightful data regarding the patrol conducted on their property. Back in the days, this was quite not possible or the data provided was not complete or genuine. Well, the real-time features of Guardso guard tour system, from GPS tracking to reporting are changing trends today.

Apart from the above mentioned, other great ways to commit to your customers are:

  • Do not charge them for every little thing.
  • Make sure to deliver what you’ve promised at the right time.
  • Surpass what your customers are expecting from you.
  • Never ever forget to keep track of the results.

3. Turn Your Guards Into Ambassadors
The chances of your customers understanding guard tour system benefits are quite low. Isn’t it? In fact, even if they do understand the benefits of guard tour system, it is of not much help to them anyway, but what is or rather who is, are the security guards. This way they automatically turn into the brand face of the security guard company.

So no matter what you do, keep them informed and establish an in-house brand ambassador program not just for a single guard, but everyone to appropriately represent their company. Similarly, build brand loyalty by encouraging and recognizing the guards and their efforts using guard tour solutions in the best way possible. This way, not only the encouragement will show in the work of your employees, but also the customers will appreciate it and spread the word around.

So, when are you getting started?