Last year we announced GuardsPro 7.0 with incredible new updates and enhancements. Ever since we’ve worked on thrilling new updates and enhancements that’ll soon be coming your way. But today, here we are to proudly introduce a brand new addition to the GuardsPro guard tour system: GuardsPro Client App.

Client Web Portal

Who Is It For?

The GuardsPro Client App is built specifically for your clients, as the name suggests. 

Because staying in touch is more essential than ever now. Your clients can stay connected and gain insightful details of the patrols conducted by security guards on their post-site using this app. 

GuardsPro Client App has been released for all iOS and Android-compatible devices. 

To download it now, go to the App Store or Play Store.

What Do Your Clients Get?

Client App

Using the GuardsPro Client App, your clients can log in to the app hassle-free with their Client Web Portal’s credentials. It enables them to select the company and the post site of their choice.

For the post site selected, your client gets access to a live map. In addition to that, the clients get access to:

  • The reports shared by the security guards 
  • The progress made on the site tours
  • When a security guard checks in/out 
  • The tracking history of every security guard
  • A combination of reports in the form of DAR
  • Passdown shared by guards with each other
  • Post orders shared by the managers with guards

The Client App Verdict

GuardsPro Client App is a powerful new addition to the guard tour system geared towards empowering your security guard clients. To deliver every crucial information regarding their post site at their fingertips on the go. All it takes is a moment to download the GuardsPro Client App and get started.

Guard Tour System

The Road Ahead

At GuardsPro, we are continuously at work, upgrading the guard tour system so that security guard companies of all sizes can benefit from it and improve their security operations. The next good news is that there’s something great in the making that’ll be coming soon. So, for more updates, stay tuned.

Till then, sign up for the 30-day free trial to explore every product offered by GuardsPro, if you haven’t yet. For more information, visit or fill out the form to view our free interactive demo videos right now.