Security patrol system needs to improve. Here are these simple tips that have proven effective to many security companies.

Is your security company lagging behind in the effectiveness of its security patrol system? You can improve this through these simple tips that have proven effective to many security companies:

Incorporate a Security Reporting Software

For easier and quicker patrol services by your guards, equip your management system with a reporting software. There is a significant reduction in the time lag between your officers receiving alarm calls and arriving at the client’s location. Guardso incorporates this feature that will boost your security patrol operations hence offering better services to customers.

Upgrade to GPS Location Tracking

Your security guard system could be failing because of the old tracking methods you use. If you are still fully depending on verbal communication of location from your guards, that is the problem. The system is inaccurate and time wasting. Provide your security guards with a security guard app on their work phones that always gives their precise location. It also shows them the client’s site-location at the time of a dispatch call, so they can determine which of their teams can arrive timely to neutralize the situation.

Frequently Train your Guards

After their sector-specific training, you need to keep updating your guards on the most efficient security patrol operations. Do not presume that they will automatically be ready to operate the new patrol software monitoring system.

Review your Security Guard Management

Go back to the drawing board and analyze your security guards and the quality of each of their services. As a manager, you need to separate the wheat from the chaff for the sake of the company. If you detect that some officers are intentionally falling behind on their patrol services, address the issue and if needed, replace them with a more efficient team.

Optimize your Patrol Routes

Create more efficient routes for your guards to use during their tours. Proper route optimization is grounded on client location and scheduled times. It ensures your guards use the shortest routes to get to your customers timely. This method enhances their security patrol operations significantly.