An initial 8 hours of security guard training is required for a person to obtain a guard card. This may seem enough to get a job, but there are many employers who might not hire you until you have completed the mandatory 40 hours of security guard training.

As per the rules & regulations of Bureau of Security & Investigation Services, the security officer who has received the guard card or has started working gets 30 days to complete 16 hours of additional training, and 6 months to complete 16 more hours worth of security guard training.

So, today we’ll take a look at the courses which have been designed primarily to help you obtain the necessary information to get better at your job. Though, if you’re someone who hasn’t received a guard card yet, we suggest you take a look at our quick guide for obtaining the guard card and then get back here.

The Mandatory Courses:

The newly licensed security officers are required to complete two of the mandatory courses of 4 hours each within thirty days of obtaining the guard card or starting employment.

The remaining two mandatory courses worth of total 8 hours, security officers can complete them at their own pace within the first 6 months keeping the above-mentioned conditions in mind.

The subjects that are a part of this course as according to BSIS include:

  1. Public Relations

Security officers have to deal with a lot of people and when they turn out to be difficult it gets quite challenging. Therefore, this subject covers a variety of topics, including:

    1. Recognizing Gender & Racial Harassment & Discrimination
    2. Respect
    3. Verbal Skills / Crisis Intervention
    4. Introduction to Diversity
    5. Substance Abuse & Mental Illness
    6. Ethics & Professionalism
  1. Observation & Documentation

One of the most important parts of the security officer’s job is being observant and reporting it all efficiently to the management. Though no longer are the reports written down on pieces of paper. Guardso mobile patrol app installed on a smartphone or a tablet has taken over, that allows the guards to share reports with the management seamlessly in real-time. This part of the training, therefore, deals with these aspects.

    1. Report Writing
    2. English as a Second Language
    3. Observation and Patrol Techniques
    4. Asking Appropriate Questions
    5. Observing Suspects / Suspicious Activity
  1. Communication & its Significance

Communication is the key to a successful business, and there’s no doubt about that. But, how is the question that this training is all about.

    1. Internal
      1. Protocols Pursuant to Contract
      2. Radio / Monitors
      3. Other Technology
    2. External
      1. Emergency / First Responders
      2. Medical Personnel
      3. Police / Sheriff / Other Enforcement
      4. City Services / Government Services

Whether internal or external communication, know that guard tour system like Guardso is capable of streamlining the flow of communication effortlessly. That’s how developed technologies are nowadays making it possible to deliver excellent security services.

  1. Liability / Legal Aspects

For a guard to understand rules & regulations is essential. Reason being, working with different organizations they need to follow different protocols & policies that Guardso has made it for easy to acknowledge through their mobile patrol app. So, given below are the topics that are a part of this training:

    1. Personal / Contractor / Employer
    2. Criminal, Civil, Administrative
    3. BSIS Code & Regulations
    4. Role of a Security Guard


The Elective Courses:

There are a number of elective courses listed from which newly licensed security officers can select courses to complete a minimum of 8 hours of training within thirty days of obtaining their guard card or starting employment.

The additional 8 hours of elective courses to be completed by the security officers under this training should be done within the first 6 months keeping in mind the conditions as mentioned above.

The four subjects that we choose for you are each 2 hours long and are offered by AEGIS Security & Investigation, one of the best in the industry. They are as follows:

  1. Management & Supervision

    The purpose of this topic is to enhance the ability of the security guards to work as supervisors and upper management. But today, all hail the guard tour system like Guardso that streamlines the security operations & makes it easier for the manager’s as well as supervisors to keep track of all activity of the guards from a remote location.

  2. Officer Safety

    Guardso guard tour system equipped with GPS tracking module keeps track of every movement of the guards through mobile patrol app to ensure their safety in an absolute manner. Despite that, it is recommended the security officers undergo this training to know how to maintain personal and team safety at all times.

  3. Handling Difficult People

    Security officers have to deal with different types of people and often a lot of them are difficult to manage. Having said that, this training can help the guards enhance their managing skills & the ability to differentiate when a situation needs their attention or that of the law enforcement.

  4. Preserving the Incident Scene

    Technology today plays a significant role if not in helping to preserve the incident scene but at least keeping proof of it using Guardso mobile patrol app. Though its watch mode feature it allows the guard to take photos, videos, and audio describing the scene to share with their management instantly and to help law enforcement if required.

So, when are you getting started?