A GPS security guard tracking system is one of the most fundamental components of a security patrol system.  After all, it helps to track the exact position of security guards remotely. When combined with the more advanced feature -Geofencing, not only does it enhance reliability & efficiency, but also improves safety level as a whole.

So, the question arises, what is this feature of a security guard tracking system? What are Geofences? What is Geofencing?

What Is GeoFence, Really?

A GeoFence is nothing more, but a virtual border created around a location. As per the requirements of the user, the shape & the size of the invisible perimeter can be defined. In most cases, a line is drawn on a digital map, usually using Google Maps, by a user to designate the area or region. That line on the map is called the GeoFence.

Understanding GeoFencing & The Way It Works

Geofencing is a feature in a software program that is said to make use of the global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define geographical boundaries.  These boundaries are virtual barriers which are called a geofence. Making use of this geofence in simple words is also called geofencing.

The geofence is then paired with a hardware/software application like Guardso Mobile App to respond to the boundary when a device enters or exits, triggering a pre-programmed action. Often, real-time alerts are triggered allowing the administrator to monitor more passively. So, rather than continuously watching the real-time map on GPS Tour Monitoring System, opt to receive real-time alerts whenever a geofence is crossed.

Additionally, using this feature of the security guard tracking system along with time-stamps gives an added advantage of viewing all previous activities at any time.

What Makes GeoFencing So Efficient & Popular?

Geofencing technology for decades have been around, but what has put it into the spotlight is the smartphone revolution. But, it won’t be wrong to say, that with transcendent advancement in mobile phone applications has made it notably popular.  Although, how efficient as a part of the security guard tracking system it is? Let’s find out:

  • By using geofencing, in-dept location-based data analytics allow the businesses to gain actionable insights from the site. In critical situations, it aids to reduce the response time of the dispatch centers saving lives whenever required.
  • Real-time alerts can be defined by the administrators for devices entering and leaving geo-fenced areas. It not only ensure security guards safety but also focus on employee productivity by defining different geofencing rules and restrictions to be followed precisely.
  • Geofencing seamlessly can be integrated with a bundle of different technologies and different mobile operating systems. However, in the security industry GPS and RFID are the most convenient ways through which it is utilized.

How GeoFencing Improves Services To Your Clients?

New advanced updates mean new & better opportunities to grow your private patrol company by offering tremendously improved services to clients for standing out from the rest.

1. Enhanced Employee Accountability

Guards not showing up on time for their shifts is an issue faced by a lot of private patrol companies. In case, you’re one of them geofence is the ultimate solution. With the help of GPS security guard tracking system, it enables to find out when a guard enters or exits the post-site. Once the security guards realize how this guard tour solution works, they’ll become motivated to show up on time and  be more accountable towards their responsibilities.

2.  Set High Standards For Work Safety

Setting up a geofence for a security guard need not only be meant to keep him inside the perimeter to execute his job. On the contrary, a geofence can be set up around hazardous areas to keep the security guards outside. If someone accidentally walks into the area, an immediate alert is sent to respond quickly to the situation before any accident takes place. This adds an extra measure to strengthen the levels of safety standards for your security guards.

3. Improved Solution, Improved Performance

Managing a team of security guards is the toughest job of all, and yes that includes tracking movements of every single security guard. What makes it a lot easier is the perfect security patrol system with the advanced geofence feature. It allows the managers to keep a close eye on the security guards all the time, with their accurate location always at hand. The powerful notification system helps understand guards behavior for increased performance.

Guardso guard tour solution will soon get equipped with this remarkable feature. Get ready to step up your game!