Security guard scheduling is one of the important tasks to improve your business efficiency. It enables security guard companies of all sizes to meet the requirements of the security operation to be conducted on a client site. It’s via this process that the security guards are made aware of exactly where, when, and at what time they are supposed to be working.

GuardsProGuardsPro guards tour system further enhances security guard scheduling by allowing the security guards to define their availability. Thus, helping the security guard managers to gain a clear understanding of when your security guards are available to work to smartly schedule based on it. 

How? Let’s dig a little deeper to get a better understanding.

Update Weekly Availability

Using the GuardsPro mobile patrol app, the security guards can seamlessly update their availability for each day of the week. By submitting it, they can indicate when they are available for work.  

Availability By Time Slots

Along with the days that security guards are available for work, they can also mention the start and end times of their availability. Further, ensuring better communication with the managers regarding guard availability.

Guard Tour System

Update On Behalf Of Guards

GuardsPro guard tour system is designed in a manner that your security managers have the ability to update guard availability for the week right from the back-office dashboard.

Shift Availability Approval

Reduce the ripple effect created by last-minute schedule changes by not letting the guards make any changes once the availability for the week is updated. Any changes, if necessary, require manager approval.

Give Managers Permission

With GuardsPro, you can choose which security manager can manage guard availability. The managers with the permission can edit guard availability as well as approve or decline any changes therein, while the ones without it can only view guard availability.

Schedule Guards Smartly

The security managers, based on the guard availability, can schedule smartly. Assigning shifts only to the guards who are available and will show up on the client site as planned.

Guard Tour System


Want to increase guard productivity and efficiency by creating better schedules. GuardsPro guards tour system’s security guard scheduler allows the managers to view the list of guards with their weekly schedules to schedule smartly. 

Empower your guards with the GuardsPro Mobile App that now allows them to define their availability for schedulers to create schedules based on that, reducing the employee turnover rate significantly.

Happy scheduling!