The COVID-19 pandemic is throwing unprecedented challenges at all security guard companies. And finding reliable ways to keep the clients informed and connected with them during the pandemic is one of the crucial ones of all. Your clients may be on self-quarantine, but that should not stop you from staying connected with them or providing excellent security services. Guardso client portal is designed to ensure that and help security guard companies collaborate with their clients in a completely safe environment.

Let’s take a look at how it can turn the tables for you during the pandemic.

High Availability

Set yourself free from the stress of individually communicating on-site activities to all your clients during the pandemic. Guardso client portal offers a massive benefit of making it convenient for the clients to access it &the data anytime, from anywhere, using any browser or device. The 24/7 availability minimizes the inconvenience, increases flexibility, and also helps the security guard company improve their productivity.  

Secure Sharing

File sharing is one of the most important functions of the Guardso client portal. Since all the crucial information regarding the client’s post sites is uploaded and saved to the client portal, all the data is encrypted and secured. No one without a secure login ID and password can access the portal. Guardso client portal ensures that, so your security guard company can maintain privacy & confidentiality without being asked for. 

Modernize Your Practice

Pandemic has taken a toll over a lot of industries, but your security guard company can modernize your practice to stay competitive. Guardso client portal is a solution that can help you achieve it & provide quality services. This thoughtful modernization will ultimately make your company more efficient. Thus, leading to better client relationships through improved client experiences.

Guard Tour System

Improved Communication

Build stronger client relationships with improved communication through the Guardso client portal during the pandemic. It offers a streamlined process that makes it easy for the clients to understand and follow. They no longer need to call you or drop at your office to know about the progress made on-site. And, because the Guardso client portal is cloud-based, they’ll never miss an important update. Thus, saving time & enhancing client satisfaction.

Seamless Collaboration

A client portal can turn out to be one of the best extensions for your customer support services during a pandemic. Imagine where your clients can navigate through all the reports shared by guards. Even better, where they can view & schedule shifts for their property effortlessly. They can know the post orders shared with the guards by the security guard company by just logging into the client portal. Guardso guard tour system is soon coming with these updates to enhance your bottom line during the pandemic.

Easy Access To Reports

Improve visibility and access to real-time information with streamlined report sharing of Guardso client portal. Eliminate paper reports & email workload by giving clients access to information displayed in a way that is easy for them to understand right on the dashboard. The detailed incidents, site tours, custom reports, visitor logs, & GPS tracking data further effortlessly help keep them updated with the on-site performance & give them insight into site productivity.

Customized User Management

The client portal of the Guardso guard tour system is designed to give your full control over what information your clients can access on-the-go. What further makes it unique is the ability that it provides the clients to invite multiple users to the portal and manage their user access from their end. During the pandemic, this particular feature can come handy, helping clients enhance the way they secure their property.

To know more about the Guardso guard tour system visit us at, even better sign up for a 14-days free trial to explore all its features.