Assigning security guards to patrol the facility of the client is one of the most effective methods of mitigating threats and responding to incidents. However, to be really effective in their patrol, your guards need to follow the proper security guard patrol procedures.

Having and following the right patrol procedure can make a big difference for both your client as well as you. So, what are the tactics for a truly effective routine?  Here are a few of the most important aspects of patrol procedure and how they can make a difference.

Advanced Organization

The work to make a patrol successful begins long before the guards arrive for their shift. Providing your security guards with preset routes and directions regarding the tasks they need to accomplish and informing them about any special requirements from the client will make it easier for them to go through their patrols effectively and help them make smart decisions.

A smart security guard management software that provides this information to your security guards in advance will help them perform their assignments confidently. This will also reduce the need to have back-and-forth communication between back-office staff and on-site guards, helping both sides of your company work more efficiently and save time.

Incident Reporting

Having security reporting software in place is essential for the team as well as guards to mitigate suspicious incidents or request help or additional instruction if required. That is where guard monitoring software can play a major role. A guard monitoring software is a system that makes sure your guards are doing their job properly and also helps them through the incident reporting process.

A guard reporting software can improve the effectiveness of your reports significantly. The ability to add images and videos and the mandatory entry fields make the reports organized and easy to read. This helps to deliver greater value to both your clients as well as the office staff.

Checkpoint Placement

Proper placement of checkpoints along the routes of your guards is essential in guiding their work. Security guard patrol procedures show the path your guard will take. The spaces in-between this path should be placed in a manner that all part of the building is covered.

Placing checkpoints at proper intervals will enable your guards to provide an effective sweep of the client’s facility. Smart technology such as security guard management software automates the check-in process, which allows the guards to maximize the efficiency of their patrol.


Utilizing the latest technology will help to improve security guard patrol procedures, which will help your team operate more efficiently. Your guards will have all the required information available to stay on track with their tasks. Having the office staff readily available for assistance when necessary will boost the confidence of your guards. And you will be able to deliver better results to your clients when your team is operating in a safer and more efficient manner. This will improve satisfaction and retention, helping you enjoy steady growth.