There are a variety of factors that can decide the effectiveness of your security guard tracking system like the ease of scheduling, reporting mechanism, and data management, the ability to do all this in real-time is reigns supreme. A real-time guard tour system can work wonders to accelerate your business growth by addressing accountability issues and improving the quality of offered services.

After all, a security guard system should be able to make scheduling easier, give you an insight into the guard’s performance and serve as a powerful analytical tool in “real-time”.

Not choosing a real-time guard tour system can have implications. Let us dig a bit deeper to know what “real-time” means for the security guard tracking system and why have we placed it on top in the list of deciding factors of the effectiveness of a security guard system:

  • Improved Accountability:

    Enhanced accountability means better guard performance and improvement in the bottom line. A real-time guard tour system allows on-site movement tracking along with inactive flags for sites and guards. When the field staff supervision is accurate the chances of skipping checkpoints on the patrol route are negligible.

  • Powerful Analytics Tool:

    The reporting module in an efficient security guard tracking system allows the security guard manager to easily view the tracking history of the entire day to know the exact location of your guard. Additionally, site-specific incident reports and field reports for a custom time range that are presented in an easy-to-understand pre-analyzed chart format cut down the administrative time. This helps to stay abreast with the performance of the security team and site status.

  • Real-Time Monitoring And Reporting:

    It helps when you get accurate and real-time updates to know when the guard checks-in and out of a particular site. Using a real-time guard tour system, the guard can submit reports from the site with images and videos using the smartphone app and the manager gets notified on report submission.

  • Instant Data Availability And Centralised Monitoring:

    A security guard system ought to be equipped with the real-time feature. This makes sure that the data is updated in the cloud database in real-time and ensures data safety. This data can be accessed by an authorized entity only makes the instant data availability and access secure.
    Further, a centralized dispatch center can to manage, update and access data removing communication lags.

  • Increased Security Staff Protection:

    In case of emergencies, there is no space for assumptions. A real-time guard tour system makes sure that the security staff is always traceable on the site even when they are not near their vehicles. Accurate on-site location allows the dispatch center or the security guard manager to instantly summon external aid to the site.

  • Guaranteed Schedule Compliance

    The security manager spends time in scheduling daily patrol tours and noncompliance means disregard to team effort and unprofessionalism.
    On-site movement tracking is a major deterrent to such discrepancies. The security guard tracking system should allow the supervisor to monitor check-ins/out, missed checkpoints in real-time to reconcile deviations from the schedule. If your security guard system lacks real-time updates on patrols and reports, it is a time you upgrade.

Make sure you choose a security guard system equipped with real-time feature. This makes sure your organization, on-field security staff and the clients can reap the most out of your investment.