Efficient security guard scheduling lies at the heart of every security operation. But when security guards do not show up, it turns into a great source of frustration for both the security guard company and also the client who’s dependent on the security guard services. While not every no-show can be eliminated, there are simple yet effective ways to reduce them using Guardso guard tour software.

Here read five guardso guard tour software tips to help your security guard company reduce no-shows.

Establish A Policy

When it comes to security guard scheduling, having a written policy in place sounds like the most logical solution and it undoubtedly is. Security guards are less likely to skip their shifts when they know their security guard company has a no-show policy. With Guardso guard tour software, share it along with the company policies to let the security guards acknowledge them on their Guardso mobile patrol app.

Offer Flexibility In Schedules

Take your security guard scheduling to cloud-based software that not only enables your security managers to streamline security guard scheduling but also enables security guards to pick and choose the shift they want to work. Guardso guards tour software’s open shift feature is designed specially to help them maintain their work-life balance by offering the extra flexibility needed.

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Send Shift Reminders

Keep in mind, sometimes some security guards don’t show up for their shift simply because they forgot they had one. Which is why it is important to have effective strategies in place to help remind them. In fact, all you need is Guardso guard tour software that can be used to send automatic reminders to the security guards every time before their shift starts.

Be Proactive With Scheduling

Every security guard company has that one security guard who shows up late for every site tour, every time. Instead of punishing him or repeating this pattern, you can choose to proactively manage the scheduling of security guards on client sites. Using the security guard scheduler of Guardso guard tour software, you can get the shifts confirmed by the guards in advance, they can swap shifts, view their schedules, and even apply for leaves online.

Schedule Based On Skills

If your guard tour software allows scheduling your security guards based on their skill set, then what are you waiting for? It will enable them to utilize their skills to the fullest on client sites, improving job satisfaction, and reducing no-show significantly.

How are you going to reduce no-shows for your security guard company?