Once the eyes & ears of private security guards were considered as the most under-utilized resource available to security managers. Well, that’s simply not the case today with a guard tour system like Guardso in play. After all, it’s helping the security managers to connect the dots using guard tour reports to not only take action but also precautions. But, for the guards to be able to recognize the warning signs require specific private security guard training.

Spotting suspicious people, activities, & vehicles is that private security guard training which could enable the guards to keep the post-sites of the clients safe & secure. This is the private security guard training that could provide an enhanced overall level of security awareness to prevent the next big security threat. Hence, why it’s important to train your private security guards. So, let’s see how to get started.

How To Spot Suspicious People?

  • Paying unusual attention which is beyond casual or professional interest.
  • Asking detailed questions to know about the infrastructure or security procedures.
  • Photographing, videotaping, or sketching to monitor a potential target.
  • Unfamiliar person extendedly loitering without explanation.
  • Entering or exiting a secured area without trying to get noticed.
  • Arriving or leaving suspiciously at unusual hours.
  • Avoiding security personnel or systems altogether.
  • Wearing oversized or inappropriate attire that may conceal a hidden object.
  • Visitors or employees not wearing ID cards in areas required.
  • People possessing altered, forged, or stolen identification.
  • Acting nervously, agitated, scared, or out of character.
  • A person staggering, appearing disoriented, intoxicated, or in need of medical attention.

How To Spot Suspicious Activities?

  • Unusual noises like breaking glass, pounding, or gunshots.
  • Recently broken doors or windows.
  • Unauthorized delivery of shipments.
  • Any activity that seems alarming or unusual within the normal routine of the post-site.
  • Any form of vandalism such as spray painting, removing benches, plants, etc.
  • Abnormal chemical smells or fumes.
  • Weapons or drugs on-site. Call the police in this case.
  • Putting down a bag or an item and then walking away from it.
  • A tense situation about to blow up.

How To Spot Suspicious Vehicles?

  • Strange or illegally parked vehicles in the parking lot.
  • A vehicle that looks abandoned.
  • Recklessly driven vehicle.
  • Vehicle driving slowing back & forth, aimlessly.
  • Anyone being forced into a vehicle.
  • Weapons in a vehicle.
  • Objects being thrown from moving a vehicle.
  • Detaching mechanical parts or accessories from the vehicle.
  • Parked & occupied vehicle, especially at an unusual hour.


Reporting Suspicious People, Activities, & Vehicles:

Apart from private security guard training, reporting has always been an important part of every private security guard’s job. Isn’t it? And it does play a critical role in this case too. So, the moment you see something suspicious on a guard tour patrol, report it immediately. Specifically describe what you observed, including:

  • Who or what you saw;
  • When you saw it;
  • Where it occurred; and
  • Why it’s suspicious.

Forget pen & paper, try Guardso guard tour system’s reporting module designed specifically for such scenarios. It easily allows creating custom reports to ensure every security guard on a guard tour patrol can report effectively in real-time. Even better, it allows taking photos, creating videos, and recording audio files which can be attached to the guard tour reports and shared in real-time not only with the managers but also clients on the client portal.

So, are you ready to create a better & safer environment on-site?