Not so long ago, a paper-based reporting system was everything everyone had in the security industry. Correct, isn’t it? And then technology changed the way reporting was done forever. In fact, it wasn’t just the reporting system but, security officer system as a whole. So, today here we are not just slowing gravitating from the paper-based reporting system towards a real-time security reporting software, but embracing the whole package with arms wide open.

The real question for you here is, are you taking the step forward to embrace those changes to streamline security patrol operations using guard tour system? If not, here we are to help you know why this transition from paper reporting to security officer system is perfect for you and your guards.

1. Eliminates Lengthy Process
Paper-based reporting is said to be one of the lengthiest processes of all in the security industry. If you don’t believe us take a moment to talk to your security guards and you’ll realize how much trouble it is for them to write down every little detail of the patrol conducted at the end of the day. A security officer system, on the contrary, allows the same security guards to install an app on their smartphone and report from it with ease at any given point from the post-site.

2. Real-Time Reporting
Today we are living in a real-time world, where everything is available online the minute we demand. Then why should it not be the case with security guard reporting? Paper-based reporting takes away that chance of the management to get updates from the post site in real-time. But, using a security patrol system’s app allow the guards to share multiple real-time reports along with time-stamped photos and video attached to them with the management in real-time.

3. Provides Quality Data
There are many factors that can affect the quality of data being added to paper-based reports. For instance, fatigue, not being able to retain every little detail of things occurred at the post-site, or maybe even the rush to get this lengthy task done as soon as possible. But, using the security reporting system security guards can effortlessly update a variety of reports with quality data in real-time. The factors mentioned above have no effect on the quality of data while using a security officer system.

4. Increased Flexibility
Using traditional paper-based reporting system often does not allow for the customization of the criteria for reports as required by the post-site. A standard set of instructions and questions are followed to be answered by every security guard. But, is that relevant? Maybe, maybe not. Such is not the case while using a security officer system. Managers get the opportunity to define the criteria for the reports specific to guards or the client’s sites as per his discretion adding a unique benefit using the custom reporting system.

5. Availability Of Client Portal
One of the greatest benefits of having a security patrol system with security reporting software that paper-based reporting can never match up to is the fact that it offers a client portal. It is a part of the security reporting software’s where clients can securely log in to access all the reports shared by the security guards regarding the patrol conducted on their property. On the contrary, sharing paper reports with the clients may not be as feasible as it may sound due to various limitations when one actually gives it thought.

6. Improved Security
Paper-based reporting is a high-cost affair that not just only consumes a lot of time of the security guards, but can also take up a lot of space to store them safely for a long time. It’s not such an ideal condition in the times when everything is quite simple. Isn’t it? The threat of having them lost, destroyed or stolen is still very much real which security officer system eliminates seamlessly. It in fact, also makes it easier to keep track of things after multiple moves that can be shared across all your teams and clients.

7. Absolutely Eco-Friendly
Things have turned out such that the people of the 21st century have come to believe in working in an eco-friendly manner. Well, it literally means earth-friendly or not harmful to the environment. And to do that in the security industry there is no better way than to give up paper-based reporting and embrace a security officer system. A lot of paper is needlessly wasted in the traditional reporting process. Wasting such a valuable environmental resource should be put to an end to using eco-friendly alternatives.

So, what are you going to take a step forward or backward?