A lot of security guards companies still aren’t aware of how a modern time clock system can make their security guards lives easier. How a time clock can make it simple for their security guard teams to clock in and out, eliminating the need for them to manually record their hours or use a cumbersome time punch machine. Guardso time clock is once such an advanced web-based time and attendance tracking and reporting system that allows you to actively take charge.

But wait, there’s more to it! More benefits that you might have not even imagined. Let’s take a look at it, shall we?

Eliminate Time Theft

One of the greatest benefits of having guards equipped with a smart mobile app with Guardso time clock is its ability to eliminate one of the most common and costly problems – time theft.

It helps security managers detect fraudulent attempts within seconds when integrated with a GPS tracking system.

Further integrating it with a scheduling module provides the security guard companies the capabilities to create thresholds that allow bulk attendance reconciliation, when security guards clock in or out before the scheduled shift time.

Eliminate Buddy Punching

Buddy punching is a term that is often coined for the act of one employee punching in for another employee using their ID access. The cheapest and the quickest solution to tackle it is to address it head-on by creating a zero-tolerance policy.

But when that doesn’t cut it, getting technology on your side provides more resources for you to prevent it with little added effort or cost. With Guardso time clock and GPS tracking software, you can track the guard’s location as well as their hours.

Guardso guard tour system also comes with the geofencing feature that creates an invisible barrier, letting guards clock in and out of the post site when they move inside or outside the perimeter. Thus, eliminating the ability for a coworker to clock in or out for another security guard.

Improve Guard Accountability

One of the best features of Guardso time clock is the audit trails. Everything that has to do with the clocking in and out of security guards is recorded, tracked, and stored for future use on the cloud.

With the time clock of Guardso guard tour system, there is no question of if the information is inaccurate based on human error.

When the security guards understand that they are the ones solely responsible for their actions and performance at work, and will be held responsible for taking unscheduled breaks, lunches, or time-offs, productivity greatly increases.

Improve Overall Productivity

Guardso time clock is designed in a way that all the information gathered is stored and reported through an automated system, eliminating the need to keep track of time and attendance manually.

This not only helps the security guard companies save confusion but also time from the security guards refuting wrong documented time. The guards can also track their time spent on activities on the post site, see where their time goes, and improve their time management skills.

This automated system further reduces the amount of staff needed to manage the data while providing an accurate account of time and attendance to the payroll department.

Implementing Guardso time clock into the current scheduling process helps the security managers effectively manage business processes that helps lead to an overall increase in productivity.

Hassle-Free Schedule Management

Guardso time clock allows security managers to easily track time using a variety of clocking options. That makes it easy and convenient for them to track time, regardless of where their security guards are on-site.

It further makes it easier to develop and manage entire schedules, assign hours to specific tasks, add clients and tasks, easily keep track of shift swaps, and so much more.

The time clock also allows you to easily and efficiently determine workloads and resources to ensure the security guards don’t burnout.

Security Guard Companies

Efficient Payroll Processing

Had your security guard company ever processed payroll manually, you’ll understand the amount of time that goes into collecting time cards and re-entering the data into payroll solution. Doing it for an entire organization can become extremely tedious.

Using Guardso time clock and attendance module, you can drastically reduce the time taken to process your payroll. By automating time collection through the time clock and attendance module can ensure everything is in one place, allowing your data to be automatically sent to the payroll module for processing.

This way you can go from spending hours processing payroll to a matter of minutes, making the switch, eliminating the need for data to be re-entered manually.

Boost Timekeeping Accuracy

You might have already experienced first-hand how manual timekeeping can lead to inaccurate time tracking. But did you know that manual processes can also lead to several additional issues such as the inability to read handwriting or even fraud.

Using an automated time tracking software such as that of Guardso guard tour system can reduce the number of inaccuracies and boost timekeeping accuracy.

Using the Guardso time clock module, the security guards can also easily track their time online through a mobile app, improving accountability. All the data collected is then transferred to the cloud for not only security managers but also clients to view in real-time if needed.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Can a time clock and attendance software make security guards happier? Yes, it certainly can! Especially when it helps guarantee timely and accurate pay.

Since Guardso time clock is designed to eliminate human errors when manually entering timesheets, it also gives them secure access to their time clock data, as stated before.

That makes it easier for them to access time clock information without having anyone to ask for it, making them feel empowered and increasing their levels of satisfaction significantly.

Enable Cost Saving

While there’s an initial cost to implementing a Guardso time clock in your organization, the long-term savings are well worth the investment. How?

Well, with paper time cards, one is expected to collect hundreds of time cards from the security guards, manually enter them into a payroll system, and risk the inevitable human errors that will result in additional work to correct.

That will certainly cost you a lot of time and money that could easily and effortlessly be handled by a time clock.

Help You Stay Compliant

A reliable time clock is the one that can be programmed with the company’s rules and regulations based on the security guard’s working time or schedule.

It is the one that can be used to notify the security managers if a security guard is late, absent, takes too many breaks, or leaves early, not to mention these alerts are made available to the managers as soon as they occur.

Using paper time cards, it is nearly impossible to track all these occurrences, but Guardso time clock can do it all for you.

To know more about it and our system, visit our website guardso.com or even better, try it, signing up for a 14-days free trial today!