Thank you for being a valued GuardsPro customer. We are excited to let you know that for the past three months GuardsPro team has been working round the clock to add many brand new features, making improvements to existing features, and adding a brand new module in GuardsPro. 

Our goal is to continue to enrich GuardsPro guard tour system to make it the number #1 security guard management platform in the world. We have released a major update for back office, mobile apps, and client portal. There are no requirements on your side to update the system. All components should have been updated seamlessly.  

New GuardsPro Updates Include: 

Brand New Parking Manager

When you log in to your dashboard you should see an add module option in the left-hand main menu, which will allow you to enable a brand new module called Parking Manager.

It allows you and your team to easily manage parking lots and vehicles assigned to those parking lots. Your guards can easily search and see if a vehicle is parked on an assigned parking spot, manage parking areas, view parking lot and vehicle profiles, add notes, assign and print QR labels, create incidents such as violations, tows, break-ins, and much more. 

We will be adding a scan license plate feature to search vehicles, mobile printer support for citations, and much more in future updates. 

Brand New Email Report Feature

There is a brand new Email Report feature under the post-site menu which will now allow you to route reports to multiple emails with separate conditions. Before, there was no option to set separate conditions to route reports based on defined conditions. 

We will continue to add more logical conditions to automatically route reports to individual or multiple email addresses in future updates. 

Improved PDF Reports Format

Based on your feedback, we have improved the format of PDF exported reports in GuardsPro guard tour system. It now takes less space and presents the report in a better format. 

We will continue to make improvements to provide professional report templates with graphs and colorful fields to easily identify key information, which is easier to read reports for you and your clients in future updates. 

Improved Visitor Manager

You are now able to import bulk visitors and vehicle data in the Visitor Manager module instead of manually entering the data. 

You can expect more features in a future release, such as label printer support, Visitor Manager iOS and android tablet apps for visitor self-check-in and check-out with the option to print visitor labels. 

Updated Messenger Settings

In GuardsPro Messenger, you now have the option to set permissions for your back-office users to activate one-way messages, add groups, and delete groups. 

We will also be adding the Messenger module in Client Web Portal so you and your team have the option to communicate directly with your clients from the back-office dashboard. You can also expect the option to send SMS messages and the push-to-talk option to directly communicate with your guards in future updates. 

Improved Notifications

There is email, SMS, and push notification for comments added under reports. This way your back-office users will be notified right away so they can respond promptly. 

We will be extending comments support for client portal users and guards based on on/off settings. This way you can also mention your client portal users and guards if you need their attention. 

Also, guards now have access to manage changes to their push, SMS, and email notifications to stay up-to-date on the latest changes within the system. 

Analytics Upgraded

You can now filter analytics data for reports, schedules, and invoicer under the Analytics module. You can filter data based on the client, post sites, date, and time. You can also export filter data in PDF format. 

Your back-office users can now select ‘Past 24 hrs’ or a custom from and to date access for all analytics sections.

We will be introducing analytics for the Payroll and Dispatch module in future updates. 

Learn More About GuardsPro

As the GuardsPro guard tour system is expanding and new features are being added, we are making it easy for you to learn about GuardsPro and get the support you need by scheduling onboarding and training sessions right within the dashboard from the help menu. We have added many new videos to our YouTube library and new help center articles to make it easy for you and your team to stay up-to-date with all features. 

Guard Tour System

Other Improvements In The System

There are numerous other small improvements you will notice in the system which will make it easy for you to manage your security operations. 

  • Post Site: After creating a new post site under clients, the back-office user should be in the post site list under the client page. Before the user was redirected to the main post site.
  • Geofence: When a back-office user selects “allowed” from the geofence drop down and clicks on the map to create a geofence, a predefined 150 meter of geofence will be created, which can be edited. However, the back-office user won’t be able to reduce the size of the geofence to less than 150 meters (the default size.) 
  • Dashboard Improvement: Now when the back-office dashboard or the client web portal’s dashboard loads, they will only load the menus which the users are given access to eliminate any doubts about limiting the access.
  • Duplicate Shifts: Back-office users can now duplicate shifts and apply it to other dates in the calendar view of the scheduler. Creating the same shift for multiple days now made simple.
  • Scheduler Filters: When the department and skillset are enabled for scheduler, department and skillset is visible above the security guard filter.
  • Improve Guard Setting: In this update, we have added an option to remind the guard to submit a passdown log before shift ends. In the mobile app, the security guards will receive a pop up message “ Please submit the passdown log” with a skip and continue button.

What’s In For Future?

We have already started working on our future release, and we have new features that will be coming soon, including a yearly plan, better pricing options, discounts, new integrations, API support, and tons of new features to enrich the GuardsPro platform. 

Once again, we want to thank you for being our valued customers and want you to know that we are working hard to make sure that you have one of the best security guard management platforms.