Gated communities offer a vast array of amenities which has made them more and more popular. But one reason that stands out from the rest as to why potential residents choose gated communities is that it offers great safety and security. This factor, if ignored, eliminated, or does not match up to the modern standards, the gated communities are certain to collapse.

Security guard companies often make various mistakes in this setting. Today here we are to discuss them and explore how the Guardso guard tour system can help amp up the security guard services in such communities. Let’s take a look.

Unsecured Entry & Exit

Today, putting a closed gate isn’t just enough. This is the first grave mistake often a lot of gated communities commit.

Since it becomes the responsibility of the security guard company to ensure they understand that, you must also be prepared to resolve this issue effectively.

The visitor management system of the Guardso guard tour system helps come up with a 24/7 centralized system.

It allows the security guards to keep a record of everyone going in and out of the gated community as well as track their movement on-premises for evacuation in case of an emergency.

Lack Of Communication

Irrespective of the type of property you are offering security guard services to, transparency in communication between the security teams plays the most crucial role in creating a safe and secure environment.

Lack of communication often leads to utter chaos within the community, as intruders move around freely.

With that in mind, the messenger application of the Guardso guard tour system is designed to enable every security guard on-site to stay in touch.

Whenever anything unusual is noticed, it can be reported immediately and other guards can be alerted via it on the property. When in trouble, the guards can even utilize the panic button to call for help immediately.

Missing Security Guards

Vandals and thieves have become smart. Way before committing a crime, they nowadays study the location carefully and keep a tab on it.

On finding a pattern in security guard patrolling or security guards casually taking breaks and missing from the client site presents them the perfect opportunity to breach security hassle-free.

To avoid these problems, Guardso guard tour system comes with a powerful scheduler and a GPS tracker.

The security guard scheduler enables scheduling shifts optimally as well as assigning predefined breaks to guards to ensure the site isn’t left unguarded.

While the GPS tracker tracks every movement of the security guards. Any inactivity in movement triggers the system to quickly raise an inactivity flag for managers to take action upon.

Visitor Management System

Inapt Delegation Of Tasks

Delegation is different from micromanaging, yet they are confused with each other.

Micromanagement is all about sharing one’s team with mere ideas. Delegating tasks ensures essential information with detailed and precise instructions are provided to security guards by their managers to work effectively.

Lack of detailed information with precise instruction only weakens the guards’ decision-making abilities and eventually their productivity.

To eliminate this situation, Guardso guard tour system allows security managers to create specific tasks for guards, that when completed can be tick marked to ensure completion.

Inadequate Security Reports

Keeping track of security guard reports allows a more safe and secure gated community. How?

They provide all the vital information required to analyze various situations to work on, improving the environment. This is why gated communities today are investing in tech-savvy security guard companies that offer custom reporting.

Standard reports only scratch and offer surface-level data. It offers only a glimpse at the overall picture of the security threats and provides the ability to only make certain decisions.

If you want to dig deeper and offer better security guard services, security reporting software of Guardso is what you’ll need. It offers a variety of customizable reporting structures which helps build reports that matter to connect the dots.

Delayed Emergency Response

One of the greatest benefits of having dedicated security guards on premises is reduced response time.

Despite that, delays in an emergency response to incidents on site are one of the biggest flaws in any security solution. It could worsen a situation that could have been controlled by security guards arriving at the site well on time.

Guardso guard tour system for such scenarios comes equipped with a security guard dispatch software.

Even if multiple residents call, it can help a dispatcher register and update them as he assigns the closest security guard to the incident site.

Since the dispatcher can view real-time status updates, any delays can be addressed efficiently, further reducing response time significantly.


No one is immune to making mistakes. Despite having all the resources, your security guard services might still lack. But if you continue to ignore all that’s right in front of you and carry on as before, you’re in great danger of repeating the same mistakes in every gated community.

Begin with identifying where you lack. Make use of a guard tour system like that of Guardso equipped with a visitor management system, GPS tracker, security guard dispatcher, and many more such features on a single platform. Residents of gated communities, all they want is security. Commit to doing it the right way.