Millions of security guard patrols are executed every single day. But, what makes every single one of them successful is what lies behind it, a security guard patrol system. From security guard reports to security guard tracking, they’re all an essential part of it. So, the best way to master the fundamental ways of tweaking security guard patrol lies in the system itself. Are ready to know how?

1. Persistently Reviewing The Security Guard Patrol System

The first and the foremost fundamental way of tweaking your security guard patrol is ensuring persistent review of the guard tour patrol system itself. The reason why it is essential is to let your customers know at the end of the day that they are being thoroughly protected using the latest and the best of all technologies.

We know, you understand it better than anyone else does, that without the help of a security guard patrol system today nothing much is possible in the security industry. Be it security guard tracking or reporting. But, does the one you’ve employed answer the following questions:

  • Is it evolving with the changing technology?
  • Does it cater to all your needs altogether? Or,
  • Do you have to use separate systems to make it all work?
  • Against its competitors, where does it stand?

If your security guard patrol system does not answer these very basic questions, it may be time to move on to a new system like Guardso, a security guard patrol system which is not only constantly evolving with changing technology, but in accordance with its customers’ need as well. For instance, the upcoming update of Guardso will include geofencing, making security guard tracking simpler than ever.

2. Emphasising On The Exhaustive Reporting System

After an up-to-date system, the other most essential aspect that can help in tweaking a security guard patrol is an exhaustive reporting system. Reason being its value, which has risen exponentially over the time with continuously changing technology. Today, it is helpful in evaluating and analyzing various activities which initially might not have been possible without it. Therefore, every security guard on job needs to generate various types of security guard reports.
Guardso with its incredibly powerful reporting module ensures that this very requirement is met in order to provide actionable insights no matter what.

Different types of security guard reports incorporated in Guardso are optimized for analysis and include:

  • Check-In/Out Reports – To find when security guards checks in & out of post site.
  • Incident Reports – Updates about the incidents taking place on-site.
  • Tasks Reports – To know if the assigned tasks were completed on time.
  • Site tour Reports – Keep an account of the details of patrol with images & videos.
  • Daily Activity Reports – The all-in-one collection of all reports.

These reports inform the management about what the security guards have seen on-site, the issues that were addressed, and the ones that need to be addressed. Guardso, with its meticulous attention to detail of security reporting needs, has never ceased to amaze the clients. In fact, scheduled release of Guardso 4.0, that’ll be even better than Guards0 3.0, will include customized reporting. It’ll help a supervisor define the criteria for all the reports as per clients requirements.

Now, you can stop feeling anxious and instead begin concentrating on what is necessary.