Being a manager does not mean toiling to keep the operations working seamlessly. A smart manager is one who knows what tools to employ and how to put them to use, to achieve your goals in the most effective and efficient manner.

As a security patrol manager, security patrol solution is what you need. Guardso ensures that you manage your responsibilities without breaking a sweat.

Let’s get into the details of what a patrol guard tour system can do for you:

Easy Scheduling And Allocation Of Site Posts :
Allocation of site posts and patrol guard tour system is the most important yet tedious part of managing the patrol. But why to invest your energy in repetitive tasks every day when you can add multiple site tours for your guards at the touch of a finger and at the same time update the guard about the same in real-time. Cut down the time consumed in tiresome tasks with Guardso.

Enhance Guard’s Safety:
Ensuring the guard’s safety on site is as important as safeguarding the client’s assets.
In violent disruptions, a lone officer can immediately update you with the situation using a patrol guard tour system and guards available in the proximity can be rushed to the rescue. The guard and you can rest assured that external aid will be available at all times, ensuring no guard is ever secluded in the hour of need.

Streamline Your Operations:
A smooth flow of communication between guards on sites, your staff, and the clients is a sign of efficiency of the management. Guardso takes the hassle out of your security patrol operations by improving the way data is channeled throughout your company. No glitches guaranteed.

Do Away With The Paperwork With Online Reporting:
You don’t need to labor lost in the heap of paperwork. It is high time to say goodbye to inefficient paper reporting.
Making use of security guards management system, the guards can update detailed site reports in real-time. Also, you can view multiple reports submitted by your officers from their post sites and get automatic notifications whenever a new report is submitted. Easily review and approve reports to share them with your clients.

Organize Information:
While handling multiple clients and managing a number of guards working at different sites, the information grows by leaps and bound and handling it manually is impossible.
Guardso gives you the ease of storing all the important data in one place, making it readily accessible. In spite of the volume of data, you will never struggle to retrieve a single piece of record.

Reduce Chances Of Loss Of Information:
How many times have you struggled with the fear of losing the confidential data and not knowing how to keep it safe? A security patrol solution is what you need. It helps you store information in secure databases that can be retrieved at any time and from any location by authorized personnel, eliminating the chances of loss of record even in case of any calamity.

Effortless Legal Compliance:
Keep yourself free from the worry to remember guard’s license. You can add an unlimited number of guard profiles, save guard’s licenses online with their expiry date and be notified when the guard’s license expires.

Easily Access Performance Data:
The success of your business is directly related to the quality of staff you employ. Manage your human and financial resources by ensuring that you keep only the best employees.
With clocking system for security guards, you as a manager can scan location of their guards and keep track of their efficiency and general work habits.
Also, draw performance data for certain time periods at the time of appraisals.

Seamless Data Analysis:
Even if you succeed to manually maintain the huge amount of data, using it to analyse the performance of the guards and the company is next to impossible. Guardo comes to your rescue, it analyses the efficiency and performance of the security guards to help you and your company understand the core malfunctions of their daily operations and find ways to cut them down. Get incident reports, site tour report, task reports, and productivity levels in readily understandable charts on daily basis.

Improve Client Satisfaction By Offering On Time And Detailed Reports:
The reports submitted by the guards can be easily accessed and approved by you. As the client gets a detailed and timely overview of the services provided by the security guard on site he can rest assured of the quality. This in return leads to increased client satisfaction causing better retention of present contracts.

The first principle of management is how to get the work done, without yourself getting dragged into the actual tasks. Guardso got your back. Let it work for you while you can involve yourself in better planning for the growth of your business.