A new version of the GuardsPro back-office dashboard, guard mobile app, and client web portal is now available. In this release, we’ve majorly updated the vehicle patrol module of the GuardsPro guard tour system on all platforms. It will enable the admins to take more control of the vehicle patrol operations, security guards to be more accountable, and clients to view vehicle patrol reports and do so much more.

Take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the brand-new updates.

Back-Office Dashboard Updates

Vehicle Patrol: Creating a schedule right after creating a route just got easy. GuardsPro now provides you the option to create a schedule right after creating a route for guards to patrol.

When the back-office user creates a shift, it enables entering the shift title, shift type, start and end time, post site, select guards, assign breaks, and notes as any standard shift. In addition to that, you will also have the ability to enable or disable syncing hits setting between guards on the same post site along with many more.

The vehicle patrol update of GuardsPro back-office dashboard now also gives you the option to duplicate routes with the same from and to dates and months but in the future. For instance, if you duplicate the route from Nov 1st, 2022 to May 1st, 2023, the time period for the new duplicated route will be from May 2nd, 2023 to Nov 1st, 2023.


  • Vehicle Report: The vehicle patrol report has been added to the client portal. You can edit the client portal access from the dashboard and disable or enable your clients to view this report from anywhere and anytime logging into their client portal.
  • Check/Clock In and Out Reports: Adding check-in/out reports have been made optional, and so have clock-in/out reports while adding a time log entry in time clock and in attendance.

Quick Setup Section: To easily get started with GuardsPro guard tour system, we have added a quick setup for you under the help section. Do check it out now if you are just getting started.

Under it, you’ll also find access to the help center’s detailed articles, YouTube videos, chat support, and an easy way to generate tickets to get your issues resolved.

Multiple Payment Options: One of these new GuardsPro updates now also allows you to add multiple cards under the payment method tab in the account section for more convenience.

Files And Attachments: You can now download every file and attachment added throughout the system.

SMS Notifications: If the mobile number linked with the account is not verified, the SMS notification option will automatically be disabled. To receive SMS notifications, do not forget to verify the mobile number linked to your GuardsPro account.

Guard Registration: To further make it easy for security guards to register from the web, a registration link is also now available on the GuardsPro guard web portal. If they register themselves using this link, they’ll have to verify both their email ID and mobile number using the OTP.

But when they click the link to register from their mobile phone, the phone number is automatically verified. Similarly, when the security guards open the registration link from their email, the email ID is automatically verified.

Client Registration: To make it more convenient for your clients to register for GuardsPro client web portal and start using it hassle-free, we’ve moved the client registration link to the portal itself.

Other Updates: The back-office users can now view the exact time when a client, post site, and guard were added under the overview/profile page of the GuardsPro guard tour system.

Guard Tour System

GuardsPro Mobile App Updates

Vehicle Patrol: Not only has this module been improved, but new features have been introduced to make it easy for your security guards to patrol. The changes include:

  • All the hits completed by a security guard are automatically synced to all the other guards assigned on the same site for better clarity if the setting is enabled on the dashboard.
  • The vehicle patrol module on the guard mobile app now shows the date range and days for the guards to know when they have to conduct the vehicle patrol. Thus, allowing the guard to start the route only on the defined days and times and defined date range.
  • A search option has been added in the main route screen and route in progress for the security guards to search the post site hassle-free.
  • On the same route screen, the security guards can now view the map on a full screen to concentrate only on patrolling. The security guard can now also hide or show the map button on the route progress screen.
  • If the setting to clock in before starting the route is on, the security guards must clock in all post sites of these routes. 
  • If the guard is not clocked in, then he will be asked to clock in right there without taking him to the time clock screen. The same is also applicable when the route has already started, but the guard is not clocked in.

Low Battery Alert: If the security guard’s battery is 20% or low, a low battery alert will be sent to the admin to ensure the admin can alert the guard to charge his device to keep patrolling.

Geofence Improvements: Now we have the two geofence settings based on vehicle patrol and post-site settings to auto check-in/out. If your guard has started a vehicle route and both of the above-mentioned settings are on, the geofence will work only for the vehicle route started by the guards. If no vehicle route is in progress, then it will work only for the standard post sites.

Time Clock: ‘Today’s Total’ has been changed to ‘Work Hours’ and ‘Total Breaks’ to ‘Break Hours’.

Post Site List: Another change you’ll see on the app is that ‘Directions’ have been renamed to ‘Navigate’ in vehicle patrol / standard patrol.

Client Web Portal Update

Reports: With major updates in the vehicle patrol module of both the back-office dashboard and guard mobile app, we’ve added vehicle patrol reports in the web portal for your clients to view hassle-free.

Get Started With GuardsPro Now!

The new GuardsPro update is now up and running. Give it a try, and let us know what you think. If you have not signed up yet click here to sign up now and get 15% off on upgrading within first 15 days.