We are thrilled to announce that a secure messenger feature for your security guards is now available on Guardso guard tour solution!

This new addition will make it easier for the managers to track the guards and pass on simple instructions more seamlessly.

As for the guards, this new feature will offer an improved user experience, by allowing them to establish fast and secure communication between team members posted on the same post site.

Highlighted Features:

Among its numerous exciting new features, you’ll find the following:

  1. Check-In Based Chat Access

    Seamlessly integrated into Guardso guard tour solution, the guards won’t need a separate app. Checking-in on a post site will provide them automatic secure access into the messenger feature. Thus, effortlessly allowing them to chat with other guards checked-in on the same post site. And their chat history, that will be exclusively made accessible for a particular site.

  2. Secure User Access

    Data shared on the messenger feature will undoubtedly be confidential. And we completely understand that! Therefore, we’ve designed it in such a way that it will allow the admins to manage user access the way they want to ensure all the information stays safe.

  3. Supports Multimedia Sharing

    Now with the Guardso’s secure messaging feature, your guards will get the chance to easily & instantly share photos, videos, and voice messages with the security team. All they will need to do is hit record & send the files. This will not only bring life to real-time communication but also provide a better understanding of the current situation on site.

  4. Effective Internal Communication

    Effective internal communication is vital for enhancing productivity. Our new secure messaging feature will help achieve it from day one by allowing the guards, admins, and clients to connect & communicate conveniently through a single app. It will further help to eliminate or quickly rectify any miscommunication regarding tasks, post orders, and schedules that may lead to the failure of security operations.

  5. Real-Time Team Collaboration

    The messenger feature will be available on both the web & mobile patrol app. In real-time it will be more than useful for the security teams on a post-site to instantly collaborate for better & quick decision making. Thus, eventually enhancing the efficiency & the execution speed of a security operation effortlessly.


Listening to our customers’ valuable feedback has helped us develop this brand new feature of Guardso. Not only will it be a powerful add-on but also a user-friendly messaging solution for your security guard company. To know more about it request a demo or claim your free trial today.