We are thrilled to announce that we have released GuardsPro 7.0. This new update is packed with brand new features and improvements which we have been working on for the past one year. We believe that security guard companies of all sizes will benefit from this new release with improved operations and efficiency while managing private patrol operations. Here are some of the highlights of GuardsPro 7.0.

From Guardso To GuardsPro 

While we were busy improving our system and building new features for the next update, we also went to work on brand alignment with our vision for our product and the security guard industry in general. We want to build a security guard management platform brand that reflects professionalism.

After careful consideration, we’ve chosen a new name, GuardsPro, that will resonate with our vision and commitment to the security guard industry. In the spirit of rebranding, we will continue to commit to you and provide the same, or better, level of professionalism you have experienced. We’d also like to take the opportunity to thank our loyal clients for their trust and support for us.

Better Pricing Model

It has always been our goal to provide small to medium size companies access to the latest technologies to improve their security operations. We are glad to mention that we have removed the $50 per month base charge and lowered our entry-level plan charge from $15 to $10 per month. Using this pricing model, we are able to accommodate the clients who did not want to pay for modules such as dispatchers, scheduling, and payroll. 

Design Improvements

GuardsPro 7.0 is here with a brand new design that is more intuitive than ever. It is now easier to navigate from one area of the system to another. With a collapsible main menu and more key data and metrics in the dashboard, we have made GuardsPro more simpler and easier to use.

Robust Cloud Infrastructure

GuardsPro is more reliable and secure than ever. We understand that the protection of our customer data is our #1 priority. To address this concern, we have deployed GuardsPro in a highly secure and scalable cloud infrastructure that meets and exceeds the industry standards. Now it will also offer more scalability, flexibility, accessibility and make managing your workforce seamlessly easy.

Performance Improvements

With GuardsPro 7.0, you will experience highly responsive systems all across the board. Regardless of where you are accessing GuardsPro, you will always experience a faster loading speed. 

Guard Management System

Back-Office Dashboard Features

Live dashboard is now live with not only brand new updates but also with a brand new name – Back-Office Dashboard. Besides the overall design improvement, it now allows the security guard companies to access it in different languages. The other module updates are as follows:

Dashboard: You can now view more metrics and graphs in the dashboard for time clock, check-in/out, incident, and schedule-related functions. You will now get access to an improved live map that shows all your post sites, incidents, panic alerts, etc.   

Post Sites: We have separated the latest activity in a new tab and given you the option to filter out specific activity types.

Virtual Tags: Allow users to create virtual tags for site tours. When the guard enters the geofence of the virtual tag, the tag is marked and scanned. 

Post Orders: Now, you can create multiple post orders and assign them to specific guards. You can also force guards to acknowledge the post orders.

Docs And Policies: Instead of working with a single company policy, you can now create multiple docs and policies for your guards and have them acknowledge them within the GuradsPro Guard App.

View Archived Data: You can now view the data of archived guards , clients, and post sites within the dashboard under filters without having to restore the profile.

Brand New Notifications: You now have the option to receive notifications right within the Back-Office Dashboard, via  Email, and SMS. Here are some of the new notifications available:

  • Task missed or delayed 
  • Site tour completed 
  • Site tour missed or delayed 
  • Dispatch ticket updates 
  • Shift status updates 
  • Shift delay 
  • Checklist completed 
  • Idle alert for inactive guards 
  • Geofence alerts on enter/exit 
  • Time Off request 

Live Map: View more data such as post-sites, incidents, panic alerts, etc in the live map integrated into GuardsPro.


Scheduling being one of the most important modules, our goal was to take the feedback from our customers and come up with key improvements. Some of these improvements include:

  • Create shift templates and publish multiple shift templates at once. 
  • View the list of individual guards with their weekly schedule.
  • Add, edit, update and delete notes in schedules.
  • Select and delete multiple shifts at once.
  • Manage time-off requests by guards in schedules. 
  • Print schedules for post sites or guards. 
  • Allows shifting drag and drop in the schedule calendar.
  • Schedule guards based on availability for the day.
  • Confirm shifts for guards and also remove them from a shift in the shift popup.


With the improved geofence settings, you can now create authorized and restricted geofence areas and receive real-time alerts while guards enter and exit the area. 

Geofence-Based Time Clock: Now, you can set the option to force your guard to clock inside the geofence to make sure that the guard is only able to start work after reaching the post site.


We have made many improvements in the reporting section of the system. Now, you can view archived guard, client, and post-site data in GuardsPro. While creating a custom report, you can force guards to attach specific media types when submitting the reports. You can now view the number of pending reports and open incidents from the main reporting page.


With the new messenger update, the guards can now bypass the post-site option after  initiating a chat with a user. The Back-Office Dashboard users can activate and deactivate the option to communicate one-way. If activated, all other users at the receiving end will not be able to reply, they can only read. 


GuardsPro 7.0 is now equipped with another payroll integration called Paychex. With it, you can effortlessly export payroll reports into excel and streamline processing your company payroll. 

Hours By Report: With this feature, you can easily access payroll reports with detailed information solely based on different filters such as:

  • Clients
  • Post site
  • Skill set
  • Department

Visitor Manager

GuardsPro back-office users can now add visitors and vehicles. They can also check them in and out of the post site on behalf of the guards. The security guards will also have the option to flag a visitor from the mobile app. 

Improved Time Log: A brand new filter added in the time log enables you to separate manual entries from app-based entries and also see the archived guard entries. 

Panic Button Improvement: Now, when the guards activate the panic mode, the back-office user can see the panic mode icon blinking on the live map within the dashboard.

Auto Email Report: We have improved the Auto DAR feature by allowing you to select which reports will be emailed as part of the Auto Email DAR.

Checklist: Checklist is a brand new feature in GuardsPro 7.0. With checklist, you can ensure that your guards go through the checklist when they arrive on the post site. This feature improves the guard’s performance and efficiency. 

Company Setting: There are options in the company settings such as select currency, time format, option to display company information in the header and footer of reports. You can now select from which day your company week starts for scheduling. 

System Logs: We have basically improved the system log by adding every type of change which takes place in the system by any of your users with many more details. You can also search the system log using the date filter. 

Login History: This is a brand new feature that allows you to track the login history of your users to your system. Now, you can see which user logs into the system at what time and from which IP address and browser.

Help Center: Now, you can access the help center easily from the top right corner of the Back-Office Dashboard by clicking on the question mark button. We have added many more new articles along with videos to help you get the help you need with each feature. 

Guard Mobile App

Guard Web Portal

GuardsPro Guard Web Portal, launched not so long ago, was a great addition for guards to work from the web. We have continued to improve Guard Web Portal in many ways:

Responsive View: Guards can now fully access the Guard Web Portal using their mobile devices. Guards can pretty much do all the things which they could do on the mobile app using GuardsPro Guards Web Portal.

Visitor Manager: We’ve added the visitor module to let guards add visitor and vehicle details and also let them check-in and out. The guards can also now view the list of post orders that they can acknowledge.

Client Web Portal

GuardsPro Client Web Portal has always been the key feature of GuardsPro security guard management platform. We continue to make improvements to the Client Web Portal based on customer feedback. Some of these improvements include: 

Post Orders: Now, you can give permission to your clients to access post-site post orders from within the client portal.

Scheduler:  You can now give permissions to your clients to view the schedule of their post sites  and  request special coverage from right there in real-time.

Help Center: We wanted to make sure that all client portal users have access to the help center. Now they can access the help center right within the Client Web Portal. 

GuardPro Guard Mobile App

We have taken the feedback from you and made significant improvements to the GuardsPro 7.0 guard mobile app. Besides improving the performance of the app, we have completely redesigned the interface to improve the user experience. We have also improved many features and added many more new ones.

Scheduling: Since scheduling is one of the main features of GuardPro, we are making it easy for guards to view and manage their schedules. Now, guards can set the ability to set work availability, review payroll, and add notes in payroll reports.

Messenger: We have made it easier for the entire security team to communicate with each other. Guards now have the ability to access the messenger in the main menu instead of accessing it within the post site menu. 

Activity: This new feature enables the guards to find out the latest activities within the system and post sites. Guards are quickly notified of any changes concerning them within in-app notifications, via push notifications, and SMS.

Guards can get the latest activity updates related to the post-site post orders, reports submitted by the team, check-in/outs, site tours, and so much more.

Virtual Tours: With virtual tour tags, we have introduced a new way of patrolling and patrol monitoring. Using this feature, the security guards can now start conducting virtual tours in the predefined radius using the GuardsPro guard mobile app.

Post Orders: Post orders are a crucial way to ensure security guards know their duties during their shift. With the new GuardsPro update, you can force your guards to acknowledge them and make sure they know what they have to do on a post-site. You can also now create individual post orders for your security guards.

Reports: All your security guards now have the ability to view reports, add notes, and even save reports as drafts with this new update. Most importantly, they can now submit their reports while the site tours are still in progress. The updated guard setting further enables them to email reports on the spot and hassle-free.

Help Center: The security guards can now access an improved version of GuardsPro help center with more detailed articles to go through right on their guard mobile app.

Support Tickets: Security guards while using the GuardsPro guard mobile app might face  issues that require our assistance. We fully understand that. To mitigate it, we’ve included support tickets that guards can generate anytime to get in touch with us.

GuardsPro Is Finally Here!

This update has been coming for a long time, and now it’s finally here. We are thankful to all our customers who have waited for this update for a long time. We want to thank you for your patience, and we hope that you will find GuardsPro 7.0 update useful. We look forward to supporting you and your team to make sure that GuardsPro is a success for your company. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up for GuardsPro today to experience the new system.