Get Ready To Embrace Guardso Skill Set, A Brand New Feature!

A career as a security officer is indeed highly rewarding & lucrative. Your security officers will certainly agree with that, won’t they? However, what puts them in that position is not just their experience, but also their skills acquired while working in the industry for years.

Which is why security guard companies are always looking for the right security officers to meet their client expectations. When those expectations require specific skills, Guardso Skill Set, the latest update of Guardso guard management system after Guardso 6.0 can come to your rescue. How? Let’s find out.

Everything You Need To Know About Guardso Skill Set:

Guardso Skill Set is our brand new initiative to bring about a major change to the way security guard tour scheduling is done using Guardso guard management system. Reason being, when clients demand security guards with specific skills for the job, there’s no way you can deny that or can you?

  • So, in order to ease that process, the admin can define the skills of the security guards to keep a record beforehand.
  • Whenever such specific requirements pop-up from the clients, without much hassle the admin while security guard tour scheduling can assign the post-site to the guards from the record with the required skills.   

Simple isn’t it? So, if you wish to get your hands on this feature right now, the good news it is live on Guardso Live Dashboard or you can click here to sign-up today.

Things To Consider Before Using Guardso Skill Set:

We hope we do have your full attention here as what we are going to say next is very significant to begin using Guardso Skill Set.

  1. By default, this feature will be disabled that the admin will need to enable by going into the Company Settings.

2. The next page will allow him to enable the feature by ticking the checkbox off which in turn will enable the filters in the scheduler. Right on the top, you’ll find Skill Sets, click on it and he’ll land on another page.

3. On this page, the admin will be able to define Skill Sets and assign guards to keep a record for whenever required.

Bonus Point:

Based on Guardso Skill Set feature, payroll can also be created that will allow you to gain more control over your management operations.

What are you waiting for? Get started with security guard tour scheduling based on the skills of you security guards.