Punctuality, it is a virtue that shows how diligently security guards are committed to their job and responsibilities. But, due to a million reasons, they can still get late by a few minutes to work. And that should be okay unless it turns into a habit. Right? For a scenario like this, a brand new feature called Guardso Bulk Attendance Reconciliation to reconcile attendance has been introduced.

Understanding Guardso Bulk Attendance Reconciliation

Guardso Bulk Attendance Reconciliation is a unique feature in itself that along with Guardso Skill Set was recently added to the patrol tour system. One sole purpose of it is to eliminate the time consumed by the admin to manually reconcile attendance of every security guard clocking-in late or early on a post-site.

So, how will Guardso Bulk Attendance Reconciliation help achieve that?

  • The admin will be allowed to set a threshold of a few minutes as desired by the management in the company settings.
  • That time or as we call it the threshold will act as a buffer, within which if the security guard clocks-in on a post site, that time will be automatically adjusted. And, the same condition will be applicable for a guard clocking-in early on a post-site.
  • All the admin will need to do is approve it by clicking on a grey tick in the time attendance system, and that’s it.
  • But, if a security guard clocks-in even a minute before or after that threshold, Guardso Bulk Attendance Reconciliation will not allow reconciling the attendance.

Note: Since this feature deals with the attendance of the security guards, it will work with the time attendance system under the security guard tour scheduling part of the Guardso patrol tour system.

There the admin will also be able to view who checked-in late, early, on time, who’s attendance can be reconciled (grey tick), & who’s attendance was reconciled (green tick) effortlessly.

How To Get Started Using Guardso Bulk Attendance Reconciliation?

In order to start using Guardso Bulk Attendance Reconciliation, the admin will need to follow two simple steps to enable the feature, as by default it will be disabled in Guardso patrol tour system.

  1. To access the page to enable this feature the admin will need to go to the Company Settings on the Live Dashboard of Guardso patrol tour system.

2. On the very next page, all the admin will have to do is tick the checkbox off next to Attendance Reconciliation Threshold and add the time as desired.

And that’s it!

Since this feature is already live on the Guardso patrol tour system, to make the most out of it, ask your admin to enable it today. Have more questions regarding it, contact us now.