The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically increased the demand for security guards and along with that expanded their job description greatly. Every security guard out there is experiencing a change in their role while helping combat COVID-19. They are stepping up to this challenge in a major way, but in case you’re not sure what that is, here’s a brief insight into it.

Social Distancing

A security guard, whether being deployed on a residential or commercial property is now playing a critical role in enforcing social distancing. He’s being relied on completely to ensure other health & safety requirements, especially in hospitals & essential businesses are being followed by visitors thoroughly for their security.

Crowd Control

COVID-19 has made everyone realize the significance of security guards & the role they are playing in various industries. One of them includes crowd control in shopping centers, grocery stores, etc. Allowing only a limited number of people to enter to keep people & resources safe & secure while providing additional assistance if required.

Mobile Patrol App

Thermal Screening

The elevated temperature is one of the main symptoms of COVID-19 that has forced security guard companies to train each & every security guard to check the temperature. It has become the new norm that’s ensuring sick people don’t enter the building & spread the virus, infecting all, be it in a hospital or a commercial building.

Mobile Patrols

The usual eyes & ears that were always there to report anything suspicious on commercial properties are no longer there. Empty & closed commercial buildings and other venues, therefore, require security guards to patrol at regular intervals to safeguard the premises & report live using the mobile patrol app.

Alarm Response

Rapid response by security guards is the reason that many businesses relying on the traditional alarm system to signal unauthorized entry, theft, and damaged property have been able to stay safe. False alarms are a growing problem in which security guards can confirm & ensure your assets are protected.

The role of a security guard equipped with a mobile patrol app by their security guard companies to guard clients’ property has drastically evolved. Once who normally faded into the background is now taking charge to ensure security to another level.