Whether you are running a full-fledged security guard company or simply have team members that frequently visit client sites, knowing where everyone is and how long they are there can be tremendously difficult to track. To streamline this process, Guardso comes with a GPS tracking software. Since that wasn’t enough, Guardso geofencing, the one-stop solution for automating time tracking based on location for better accuracy was introduced a while ago. 

It is also one of the many applications that have been designed to improve your security guards’ productivity and accountability by helping teams effectively manage on-site activities. But there’s even more to the way this feature can be utilized. By using it in combination with GPS tracking, you can turn guard tour reporting into a powerful tool for productivity.

So, here are just a few of the other ways that Guardso geofencing can help your security guard company deliver better results to the clients and security guards be more productive on-site.

Accountable Security Guards

One of the most obvious benefits of Guardso geofencing is that it helps you hold all your security guards accountable for their action during their shift. 

While Guardso’s GPS tracking software allows identifying the guard’s position at all times, the geofencing feature allows creating custom zones, taking security guard tracking a step further. 

When guards enter or leave the geofence, in the Guardso guard tour system you can opt to receive notification in real-time and gain insight into their action to hold them accountable for their performance on the client site.

Quick Incident Response

Guardso geofencing features come handy especially during the incident reporting process. 

The GPS tracking software allows you to effortlessly and quickly identify the live location where an incident is occurring so you can immediately send security guards for rapid incident response. 

If the security guard reporting the incident needs assistance, a quick glance at the easily available live map in the Guardso guard tour system can help identify the security guards nearby available for help.

Enhanced Guard Security

On client sites,  security guards often have to work within or around areas that are potentially dangerous. Designating those areas as within or off limits while setting up geofence can help you vastly and drastically improve security guard safety. 

With the new Guardso update coming soon, you’ll also be able to do just that and more. By setting up a geofence around a hazardous area, you’ll get an instant notification the moment a security guard accidentally goes somewhere where he shouldn’t. 

This will enable you to quickly respond to ensure the safety of the security guards while giving them peace of mind, letting them focus only on their work, improving their performance and productivity.

Improved Guard Visibility

Did you know that Guardso guard tour system’s geofencing feature comes with the ability to make time-clocking and time management much easier and efficient?

It utilizes Guardso mobile app and is integrated with the time management software to automatically clock in and clock out security guards as well as send live notifications via the mobile app.

Guardso guard tour system’s geofencing feature, therefore, can be used to cut down fraudulent practices such as security guards spending time in locations not required when they are expected to be on the client site working actively. 

Make Data-Driven Decisions

One of the many reasons why a lot of security guard companies opt for a guard tour system with a geofencing feature is because not only does it increase the efficiency of the security guards on the job but also help the security managers to make smarter data-driven decisions when it comes to moving from one location to another on a client site.

Guardso geofencing is the ultimate one-stop solution that makes it easier to manage the remote workforce, increase team collaboration, take the guesswork out of time tracking, and so much more.

Final Thought: 

Guardso’s geofencing is an efficient feature that is designed to let every security guard company gather live data about where their security guards are and how they are moving around the job site. This will not only allow you to accurately track every guard’s time on the client site but also help you understand how the work is being done and gather crucial data for improving both guard productivity and operational efficiency in the long term.