When it comes to providing security guard services, real-time alerts play an important role. It makes the job easier for employees, the security guard company and helps to resolve incidents in a timely manner, which results in client satisfaction.

Security managers need to handle many tasks day in and day out, but the primary concern is always security.

A client always wants to have the confidence that his facility and resources are safe from threats. And that is why the ability to alert your client in real-time is very important for a security guard company.

Experienced security guards also understand the inherent value of real-time alerts. While some situations can be resolved without the client’s input, other circumstances require the involvement of the client to make sure appropriate actions are being taken.

That is why real-time alerts are so important, because letting the right people know the right information in a critical situation can very well prevent a disaster.

Benefits Of Real-Time Notifications

For any security guard company, providing real-time notifications is very important as they allow the clients to learn about the situation and take quick action to resolve any threatening issue.

For example, security guards could report a leaky bathroom faucet, and when the client receives the notification of this maintenance issue in real-time, he would call a plumber right away to fix the leak.

On the other hand, if the client hadn’t received the report in real-time, days could have gone by before he became aware of the situation, making the situation much worse than it was in the first place.

A leaky faucet is just a mild example. In reality, a faster response for most incidents will prevent the issue from getting out of hand, which will save the client financially.

Getting security alerts in real-time allows the client and the security guard company to collaborate and find the most effective solution. More importantly, real-time alerts allow the situation to be handled before it gets out of hand.

The Right Solution For Providing Real-time Alert

Advanced security guard management software such as GuardsPro can help you streamline the reporting process and ensure that real-time alerts are being sent correctly. Our reporting software also makes reporting paperless, allowing security guards to submit reports using the GuardsPro mobile app.

Management can create customized report templates to ensure that guards submit mandatory information and necessary data in each report.

When guards submit an incident report, a real-time alert system delivers the information to relevant parties such as the company’s back-office staff and the client. They receive immediate notification, which enables them to quickly examine the report and understand the situation and take appropriate measures.

This helps the client avoid major issues as well as minor issues from becoming major issues. Take a look at this video to learn how GuardsPro can help to keep your client stay on top of things:

Real-time alerts help all the parties involved (security guards, security guard company, and client) to quickly resolve problems, providing peace of mind. The clients also feel confident when they know they will receive a report instantly if any serious situation arises.

And as information is flowing more freely, transparency and trust between the security guard company and the client also increase.