Managing a security guard team without the help of a guard tour patrol system is not an easy task. Also, managing tricky security guard hours can be quite time-consuming, especially while trying to ensure the security guards are assigned the right shift in accordance with their knowledge and skills.

The long list of challenges does not end here. It’s a new beginning towards efficiently utilizing the guard tour patrol system for an overall improvement in the efficiency of the shifts. The only way to accomplish it is to know how your guard tour patrol system can make a difference.      

  • Get Started with the Best

Any security guard company in the country, not believing the key to their success is through scheduling the right security guards to the right shifts, is so utterly wrong. Security guard tour scheduling is the key foundation to managing those tricky security guard hours. Yet, too often, security guard companies find themselves paying unnecessary overtime expenses. You don’t have to work that way.

You don’t even need to store your client and guard information on separate programs. Guardso, the best security guard scheduling software can bring about a more streamlined approach towards this essential part of the daily security operations. From managing your security guards to eliminating overtime scheduling, all you need to do is explore the possibilities. And in the meanwhile understand, how to efficiently utilize security guard system’s powerful scheduling module.

  • Schedule Shifts Intuitively

Completing guard assignments is a back office staff’s toughest job which often takes several hours, each week. What’s worse and rather more time-consuming than that is coordinating client shift needs with every guard’s time-off requests. But, with Guardo’s security guard scheduling software, where all data is effortlessly and efficiently consolidated into one easy to use platform, you can get that extra burden off your staffs back.

Not only will it allow your back office staff to quickly see which shifts require to be filled, but also the security guards available to take the shifts. In case, it still sounds too much work, open shift feature of Guardso allows the security guards to choose which shift they want to work. As multiple live notifications, all this information is sent directly to the dashboard or inbox to improve the efficiency of your back office staff. Thus, helping your security guard company savor greater productivity and save a lot of money.

  • Monitor It all In Real-Time

Properly organizing and scheduling security guard’s shifts through a security guard tour scheduling system is not what only matters. After all guard’s performance has an important part to play. Your clients won’t be concerned about how efficient your scheduling is. What will matter to them is how decently the security guards fulfill their responsibilities when they show up on their sites.

So, the all-in-one, Guardso guard tour patrol system takes a step further by enabling guard tour monitoring during the shifts. It makes use of GPS real-time tracking to automatically track the position of the security guards on-site. As a result, one can rest assured of the safety of their guards as well as the accuracy of the reports sent in. With an increased level of accountability, guards are more likely to perform their duties as expected.

Managing security guard hours at every step may seem over the top, but the key to making a significant difference to your company’s success lies in it. Further, by simply improving the overall performance of your company’s staff and reducing unnecessary overtime expenses, can deliver a praiseworthy result to your client and help grow your business far easily.