Are there not enough people aware of your security guard company yet? Despite providing the most responsive service using the best guard tour system, and the security guards in the industry, the clients still don’t know you?

Well, the security guard industry is extremely competitive and cutting through the noise to reach the clients requires well thought out marketing strategies. There are multiple strategies that help you carve a niche for your security guard company within your budgetary constraints. If you are now ready, let’s have a look at the best ones:

1. Email Marketing

There are a number of ways that can be used to market a security guard company, but there is none like email marketing.

The email outreach campaigns let you directly reach the inbox of your targeted prospective buyers. You can personalize the emails you sent out to elaborate and explain the private patrol services you offer as a security guard company. You may not get a favorable response on the first contact but you need to be consistent without being pushy and spammy.

One good way is to send graphical content in form of flyers and infographics rather than text emails. It improves the chances of your email being read and replied to. It is also a good idea to offer the prospective buyers coupons and promo codes to encourage them to sign up for your private patrol services.

2. Social Media Marketing

For better or for worse, today we are living in the era of social media. Therefore, one of the greatest steps a security guard company can take is to engage on social media.

Since there are a number of platforms readily available, from Facebook to Twitter, choose the one most relevant to your brand & industry. Connect with security guards, security industry experts, and your clients. Regularly linking to relevant and interesting news articles, sharing safety tips, success stories, talking about your services, guard tour system and the technology you use will help you build a brand image and niche for your security guard company.

Don’t sell, instead, use social media for educating and connecting with your buyers.

3. Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click is one of the greatest ways to go about marketing your security guard company on the budget.

Customers are tech-savvy than ever and PPC advertising makes sure your security guard company makes it to the top of search results on search engines. The thing you need to be careful about is the keywords you are targeting. Keyword planner gives you an accurate idea about the keyword you should target and the associated competition. Whether you are targeting armed/unarmed guards, private patrol services, event security or any other keyword, it is a good idea to target the ones that are most relevant to your business so that you get the desired client inflow without going over your marketing budget. You can also track the results and make changes to your advertisements to make sure you are getting the most for your money.


4. Word Of Mouth

In today’s digital world, word of mouth still remains a very powerful marketing tool. For a security guard company offering great private patrol services, it can help you grow your customer base unbelievably, without spending a penny.

To tap the vast opportunity it offers, one way is to ask your customers to provide testimonials that you can use on your website. This builds credibility for your business and reaffirms the visitors of your positive history.
Another simple option is to ask satisfied customers for referrals. You can just leave extra business cards that will make way to the businesses they cater and are in the same niche as yours.

In recent times, online reviews have become a big deal. Customers head on to Google reviews before they actually approach your private patrol company. Encouraging your loyal customers to review your security guard company online will be a great help.

Also, there may be instances when you see negative reviews, one simple way to improve this would be to reach out to whoever had posted the unfavorable review and see if you can convince them to change their rating by acknowledging any issues they might have with your services.

This was our list of strategies that make for a great marketing plan. Do you know of any other strategies to market your security guard company? Comment below to let us know.