Students are the future of our country, and their protection should also be the top priority for every educational institution. To ensure that, they require a wide range of security requirements so as to comply with the rules & regulations put in place by the Clery Act. Which is why Guardso active guard patrol system is the perfect solution packed with rich features to not only enhance campus security but also to improve guard performance & address accountability.

So, let’s take a look those rich features of Guardso active guard patrol system for a brief moment to understand how to cut down management hassles to enhance campus security.

  • Security Guard Scheduling Module

The first step to getting it all right begins with managing the guards efficiently. An active guard patrol system’s powerful scheduling module allows automating the process to enhance guard engagement and improve efficiency. But, what’s even better is the ability to check the scheduled patrols are performed with a clocking system. Because if it’s not, you will instantly be notified of the patrols missed to take appropriate actions to never compromise campus security.

  • Professional Visitor Management Software

A visitor management software of Guardso active guard patrol system is one of the smartest modules that has eliminated the traditional way of recording visitor details.  Using only a mobile patrol app, it allows to create customized visitor profiles who’s data can be quickly uploaded to a secure database. This very database in times of emergency or evacuation can be used to determine the presence & location visitors within the institution or to initially reduce security breaches.

  • Customizable Real-Time Reporting Software

The robust security guard reporting software is a functional module that apart from reporting incidents can also be used to provide a variety of reports in real time. Though, the best part about using Guardso active guard patrol system is, a supervisor can focus on a few criteria specific to a particular campus & its security. A guard can also take photos & make videos to instantly share with the management to report it all in real-time which can ensure immediate actions are taken. 

  • Integrated Security Guard Dispatch Centre

Sometimes it can get tough to spot security guards patrolling on campus when an incident might require their immediate attention. In such scenarios, the benefit of using Guardso active guard patrol system’s dispatch center is that it allows the dispatcher to respond easily to multiple dispatch calls, assigning them to multiple guards instantly. The system also enables them to get live activity status of the guards to ensure every student receives aid whenever needed and no call is ever missed.

  • Highly Practical Guard Tour Client Portal

A guard tour client portal is the perfect way to improve the quality of your service by proving the management of the campus secure access to all the critical information they desire. That specifically includes incident reports shared by the guards using the powerful guard reporting software. Having access to such information, allows the campus management to easily file a report online and quickly select if the incident falls under the Clery Act compliance or not.

So, how are you planning to enhance campus security using Guardso active guard patrol system?