Over a very short span, visitor management software has earned itself a crucial place in the security guard industry. Today, almost every organization is looking for a security guard company that can not only provide them outstanding security services but also offers efficient visitors management services. To ensure the services live up to the high standards of the organization, effective visitor management software is necessary.

How effective is your visitor management system?

Shared below are the signs of an ineffective visitor management software you should definitely look out for, to upgrade to a powerful one for offering enhanced security services.

  • There Are Long Waiting Lines

One of the main motives of a visitor management software as that of integrated within Guardso guard tour system is to significantly reduce the time taken to check-in visitors. In less time, not only should it allow to register specific visitor details but also capture visitor’s photos and additional vehicle details. Thus, eventually resulting in reducing the long waiting lines.

  • Inconvenient For Returning Visitors

A visitor management software should be all about improving the overall experience of the visitors. Not only should it be applicable to the ones visiting your facility for the first time but also to those returning regularly. In order to do that, the visitor management system should be able to create a visitor profile once & then let the returning visors check-in effortlessly.

  • The Visitors Feel Lost On-Premises

Not having proper procedures for guiding visitors on arrival is certainly going to leave them lost and confused. However, despite having a perfectly fine visitor management software in place, if you find your visitors roaming around and peeking through doors, trying to figure out where to go, you’ll need a better visitor management software. The one that can make your visitor’s experience as smooth as possible.

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  • No Improvement In The Security

Today, security has become one of the main concerns in every organization. Which is why to tighten the security right from the start, a powerful visitor management system like the one integrated into Guardso guard tour system has become necessary. It can be highly effective in eliminating security breaches right at the doorstep. Well, if that’s not the case, you seriously need to reevaluate your visitor management software.

  • Lost Track Of Visitors On-Premises

A visitor management software is many things. But if the one you’re using is only meant to sign-in/out the visitors, it’s time you upgrade to the one that can efficiently let you keep track of all your visitors. It’s one of the key aspects of a good visitor management system in a guard tour system. Also, staying well informed of their whereabouts can especially help in times of an emergency to conduct a quick evacuation & save their lives.

  • Incapable Of Providing Flexible Service

Investing in a visitor management system alone is a costly affair. And why would you as a security guard company want to, when you can rely on a more affordable & flexible solution to securely maintain visitor’s logs? Guardso’s visitor management software allows the guards to register visitor details using a mobile patrol app from anywhere & smartly track them on the client site.

And we ask again, how effective is your visitor management software?