Every security company consists of top performers and average performers. And there is another group that causes issues at the bottom. Making the top performers succeed is naturally easy, and letting the poor performers go isn’t hard either. But what can you do about your average guards?

Your average security guards are valuable to the success of your business as they are hard workers. They are capable of getting the job done. However, in order to perform at their best, they probably require a little extra motivation or managing. Here are a few ways that you can implement to gain optimal performance from your average security guards.

Overlook The Resume

The hiring process is the first step when you can manage and maximize your security guards. During the interview, ask your potential employee what kind of roles they prefer and about their goals. This will enable them to show their passion and strength.

Train Your Security Guards Properly

Guards can only perform what they know. A complete, robust training program is necessary for security guards as it will teach them their profession better and show them how much you have invested in them.

Because of this, your security guards are more likely to put extra effort into their job. Make sure that you communicate your expectation with your security guards through both live training and post orders.

Give Rewards For Loyalty

High security guard turnover costs a lot of money when you consider the money and time spent on hiring, training, processing a new guard, replacing uniforms, and more.

That is why loyal guards are very valuable, and you need to show appreciation for their loyalty and hard work by doing little things for them or rewarding them.

Offer Opportunities

Offer your employees new experiences on the job. Give your security guards the opportunity to do something they haven’t done before or move them to different sites.

These simple things can help your guards learn new things, feel trusted in the company, and become better at problem-solving. And because of this, hard work and loyalty are the things that they will reward you with.

Give Thoughtful Rewards

Discover what your employees prefer. Do they want a framed certificate or monetary bonuses? If they do a job well, offer them a thoughtful reward and also provide fair promotion. This will help to reduce employee turnover.

While top performers and bottom performers are small in numbers, average security guards are the largest section of workers in most security companies. So, getting the most out of your average guards can go a long way to benefit your security company.