The holidays are the best time of the year. It offers the greatest opportunity to all security companies to understand what their clients & prospects like & how they buy. This knowledge can smartly be used to stand out from the rest and to draw in clients towards your unique security services. Thus, it makes it one of the best ways to turn a sale into a relationship and to foster loyalty.

The only question unanswered is, how do you do that? How do you keep the momentum going this holiday season? Well, scroll down, and you shall have your answer.

Work To Improve Your Visibility

The holiday season along with it brings a copious amount of opportunities for the security companies to grow and prosper at higher rates. Which is why you should proactively take steps to improve your visibility. To do that, there is no better way than making the most out of social media platforms.

So, create an omnichannel experience by implementing multi-channel marketing strategies. They will help you engage with clients on several platforms. Stay attentive and ensure every client’s query is answered. Further, enhance their experience by customizing your website to make it not only easy to navigate but also highly responsive.

Educate Your Clients & Prospects

Social media is a great marketing tool, that can also be used by security companies to educate their clients. Embrace it to reach as many clients as possible to also boost your sales.

Begin with creating useful content on your blog. Ensure it can easily be read and shared. If reading seems like a chore to your clients, focus on setting up ways that can allow them to see your security services in action with a live demo or video guides. Demonstrating the immediate value can go a long way.

Additionally, if you are going to throw a party this holiday season, don’t forget to invite them. Introduce them to your guards and make them aware of your security guard app & software to build a long-term relationship & rapport.

Review & Upgrade Your Tech

Today, it’s important that before committing to the clients you need to ensure your security management software is ready & capable of handling the holiday rush. If it’s not, you might be at risk of losing your potential long-term loyal clients.

Take the time to review your security management software, and then decide whether to upgrade it or replace it with Guardso. Reason being, it’s packed with features that will evolve with your security services and the needs of your clients. It’s so powerful that you can effortlessly add unlimited guard as well as client profiles to the system.

  • The guards can pick & choose the shift they want to work with openshift feature.
  • Security guard app guided site tours can easily be created.
  • Reports can be submitted in real-time using the security guard app.
  • GPS tracking system constantly tracks and ensure the safety of the guards.
  • With post orders, you can give clear instructions to the guards on post-site.
  • Additional tasks by the managers in real-time can be assigned to the guards.
  • Managers can get real-time automatic notifications on the PPO dashboard.
  • With a client portal, you can give secure access of reports to the client.
  • Dispatch software can assure you are always prepared for any emergency.

Make The Clients Feel Welcome

In order to make a customer feel welcome security companies need to think out of the box. When clients sign up, an email sent to thank them, to let them know they are valued can suffice. Really! Give it a try.

Just remember to personalize it by including their first name. So they know you are not sending a generic email, but are actually making efforts to establish a rapport.

If they are not buying security services from you right now, don’t feel disheartened. Despite that make efforts to communicate with them. Send them messages explaining your security services or even wishing them a good day.

Treat Loyal Clients Like VIPs

Who doesn’t love new clients? But the truth is that they need a lot more attention, time, and money in comparison to the existing clients. So, don’t just neglect them! Encourage them to use your security services by offering exclusive offers and personalized discounts.

To know what will appeal to them the most, use Guardso security management software to access their client profile. Based on their past history create personalized campaigns to keep the sales momentum going through the new year. Apart from that, it’s important you ensure:

  • You are meeting your client’s expectations.
  • There is transparency in your payment system.
  • Have built better ways to communicate with them.
  • You provide precise report data from post-site.
  • Make them feel comfortable working with your company.
  • You are delivering outstanding customer service for them to return.

So how do you plan to go about it?