Eliminating high-security officer turnover rate and boosting his/her morale is one of the biggest issues every security guard company is facing today. But why, have you ever wondered? There are several factors responsible for this problem that is not going away anytime soon. Despite that, there are a few ways that can be used to reduce high-security officer turnover and boost his/her morale. They are as follows:

5 Ways To Boost Morale & Reduce Security Officer Turnover

Hire The Right Security Officers

One of the best ways to improve the retention rate is to improve your security guard company’s hiring strategies. Look for a prospective security officer not only with the required skills or experience, but also who will easily fit within your company culture. If you will hire an under-skilled or an overqualified security officer without carefully considering the required skills, that will only result in high turnover. And that’s not what you would want, or would you?

Offer Competitive Salaries & Benefits

Salary is one of the most important aspects that not only a security officer but also every other employee looks forward to. However, today, that alone isn’t enough. Along with competitive salaries, employees put emphasis on special benefits & perks. This plays a crucial role in helping a security officer decide whether to accept the job offer or not. This very factor also plays a crucial part in attracting high performers while reducing security officer turnover.

Help Maintain Work-Life Balance

The job of a security officer is such that maintaining a healthy work-life balance can get tough. Which is why it is considered as one of the most critical factors after salary that every security officer would very much appreciate. All you need is a guard tour system like Guardso, whose powerful scheduling module will allow the security officers to pick & choose the shifts they want to work. It will allow them to swap shifts with other security officers if required.

The Guardso guard tour system also comes equipped with an easy-to-use leave management system to help every security officer request & managers to approve paid or unpaid leaves in real-time.

Invest In Training Security Officers

Every security officer needs guidance & direction for the advancement of their career. What better way there is than to invest in training them? None, actually! Ensuring their job is not a dead-end proposition will never become the cause of dissatisfaction or the reason for them to quit. It will enhance their skills, their levels of performance, and their ability to handle any situation on-site appropriately. New employees will appreciate the extra help in learning things no one would have taught them.


Make Your Officers Feel Appreciated

To be felt appreciated & recognized for a job well done is basic human nature. So, don’t hold back when your security officers do a good job. Even the most seasoned security officer needs to hear it out loud that he/she is doing a great job to keep his/her morale boosted. This can result in enhanced productivity, employee engagement, & retention while significantly reducing the costly turnover rates. Thus, helping you focus on building a positive working atmosphere to give every security officer a sense of pride in his/her work.

Boosting morale & reducing security officer turnover is not a one day task. But, it will need your attention on a daily basis to see the change you desire, as it’s an ongoing process. How are you going to boost the morale of your security officers to reduce employee turnover? Do comment below, and we might just share them in the form of another interesting blog post.