Most people start a security service company with two goals in mind. That is, to keep the clients & their property safe as well as to make money while doing it. There comes a time when such security service companies expand because of good business. However, expansion does not mean that you should neglect client service in pursuit of more business.

On the contrary, the more your security service company grows, the more crucial client service becomes to your business. But, how do you make sure you retain clients and at the same time grow your security service company? Let’s look at three ways to accomplish that.

1. Improve the Quality of Your Guards

What this means is that you need to improve the quality of the private security guards you hire as well as enhance the quality of your current service. As your client base grows, so will their expectations of you, so own up to it. Hire the right private security guards. Verify their qualifications. Assess how well they work under different conditions. And further, don’t forget to give them security training in specific areas.

2. Make Random Inspections

Keep your private security guards on their toes during private patrols by making rounds at unexpected times. When you surprise them during a private patrol, you are more likely to assess their professionalism accurately while on-site. Random inspections also show you what needs to be changed as far as your private security guards are concerned, not to mention increase your clients’ confidence in your security service company.

3. Use Quality Security Patrol System

You cannot always be there to supervise security guards. That’s where a good security patrol system comes in. At Guardso, we offer a state-of-the-art security patrol system. It not only allows you to track whether or not your private security guards go on preventive patrols but also where they were at each given moment. With these measures in place, customer service should not be an issue for you even as your business grows.

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