What’s No Call, No Show?

When an employee fails to show up for work without notifying the employer, supervisor, or the manager in advance, that is called a no call, no show.

And when that happens, the managers are put in the stressful and unnecessary process of finding someone to cover their shift. It often affects the performance of the entire shift and leads to a poor customer experience.

So, how do you deal with this serious offense – especially a security guard who does it again and again? We’re here to help you handle it, as well as let you know how to avoid it using GuardsPro Scheduler. Let’s get to the next part.

Handling No Call, No Show:

A no call, no show is a serious offense that requires disciplinary action. Though, how you want to go about it is completely your choice. But the first step towards it begins with creating a no call, no show policy. 

  • Establish A No Call No Show Policy

First of all, work on creating a policy for your security guards. Address all the attendance issues in detail and leave nothing to imagination. 

The next step involves including the consequences – punishments and the termination process for security guards trying to take advantage of the system.

Before taking it to the next stage, have a lawyer review it. Different states have different laws that need to be adhered to.

  • Communicate The Policy Created

Once you have your no call, no show policy in place, ensure every security guard is made aware of it and they understand it too. Clear communication is key here.

You can also utilize GuardsPro to share the newly created no call, no show policy along with others in company policies and have them acknowledged by security guards.

  • Enforce The No Call No Show Policy

After creating and communicating the policy, the next step involves enforcing it consistently to treat all employees equally. Creating it alone isn’t enough.

Consequences for not showing up to work must be imposed equally for everyone, irrespective of the fact if the guard in question is a repeat offender or a star employee.

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Avoiding No Show, No Call Issues:

Completely eliminating no call, no show incidents for any security guard company of course is not possible. But what is possible is to ensure that the one guard who didn’t show up doesn’t bring the whole security operation to halt. 

And that’s where GuardsPro Scheduler comes in place. How? Let’s take a look. 

  • Incorporate A Scheduling Software

When you find yourself with a no call, no show on your hands, having a security guard scheduling software can make all the difference. It makes it easier for the security managers to find other security guards hassle-free to cover the shift of a guard who didn’t show.

  • Improve Your Scheduling Process

Even if your private patrol business hasn’t encountered a no call, no show problem, prevent one from arising by reviewing your security guard’s schedule and seeing if it could be improved. 

Even better, GuardsPro scheduler will enable you to create schedules that are absolutely clear. You can have the security guard confirm their schedule, as well as receive updates regarding any changes made to the schedule in real-time.

  • Schedule Guards Based On Availability

Another important question to ask yourself to avoid no call, no show is if the scheduler of your guard tour system makes it easy for the guards to indicate availability. GuardsPro does. Security guards can add their availability for the week, so you can schedule based on it. 

  • Get To Know Your Security Guards

These types of absences are also often the result of guards who feel they were scheduled unfairly. Getting to know them in terms of qualification, skills, and experience is a great way to prevent no call, no show. 

This is why GuardsPro scheduler allows adding security guard skills in addition to other details in guard profile to make scheduling more effective and fair.  

  • Simplify Time-Off Request Process

Sometimes, security guards find it rather easier to face the consequences of a no call, no show than request time-off. Therefore, it’s crucial the guard tour system’s scheduler makes it easier and less stressful for them to request time-off and ask managers to approve them as GuardsPro does. And that can help lower the probability of no call, no show incidents significantly. 

  • Schedule Smartly When Needed

Despite all the efforts, if a security guard does not show up to work, GuardsPro scheduler makes it easy for the manager to quickly go through the list of security guards available instead. He can then schedule the guard with the same skill set, qualification, as well as experience for better customer service.


Security guards get sick, have emergencies to attend to, or need days off from time to time, and that’s absolutely okay. What’s not is them not showing up to work without informing you or your managers. Eliminate this problem by creating no call, no show policy and incorporating GuardsPro scheduler to watch your company grow as you desire.