Brand awareness is typically defined as the familiarity your target audience has with your security guard company’s brand. If your prospective clients have no idea that you exits, it will be pretty difficult for them to employ your security guard services. Which is why successful security guard companies ensure not only to focus on increasing their brand awareness but also measuring it. After all, it’s not enough to put in huge efforts and then not know if they are working or not.

So, for all the security guard companies out there who are not aware of how to measure brand awareness, read on to find out.

You Can Conduct Several Surveys

One way for security guard companies to measure brand awareness is to conduct surveys. That can be done via email, website, or even the telephone. The call is yours. However, ensuring you ask the right question to the right customer can make a lot of difference. For instance, ask your existing customers how they heard of you or ask a random selection of people if they are familiar with your brand. This kind of research should be done at regular intervals to get a better understanding over time.

Examine Your Social Media Engagement

Social media platforms play a vital role in creating brand awareness for every security guard company. But doing it right can significantly increase brand awareness in ways unimaginable. To make that happen, you will need to dig deeper into social media engagement as you do with the guard tour reports shared by guards using their security patrol app. 

It will include shares, likes, comments, follows, etc. on the social media platforms you’re on. This will further help you tailor your content & increase engagement.

Make The Most Out Of Google Analytics

  • Direct Web Traffic

    Measuring direct traffic is one of the easiest ways for security guard companies with access to google analytics. That, over time, can reveal insights into brand awareness. The more the people remember the brand of your security guard company, the more likely they are to directly type it in the search bar.

    Google Analytics can easily help track all that traffic. Further, to get a clear view of how it’s changing over time, the current traffic can be compared with a completely customizable timeline. The best part about it is that you don’t need a specialist, you can view it yourself with a few clicks.

  • Study Referral Traffic

    Successful security guard companies, in addition to direct traffic, also study the amount & quality of referral traffic. The reason being, it’s an important indicator of your website visitor’s brand awareness. With every new referral, the brand awareness of your security guard company increases.

    This traffic is Google’s way of reporting visits that came to your website from sources outside of its search engine. Google Analytics looks at the source of the traffic & compiles it for you to know more about user behavior & more.

Guard Tour System

Conversion Rate Speaks Volume

Conversion is the ultimate goal of all security guard companies. But that begins with brand awareness since a prospective buyer first must know about your service before deciding to buy or not. To build this presence, a clear understanding of what the services are and who the target market is is required. When that’s achieved not only the brand awareness rises but also the conversion rates.

Online conversion rates can be easily tracked by simply linking your Google Adwords account with google analytics and voila!

Check Search Volume Of  Your Brand

Another effective way security guard companies like yours to do it is by checking the search volume of their brand name. For that purpose, tools like google trends or Google Adwords’ keyword planner can be used. They allow tracking the increase & decrease in the search volume over time. They may be a simple tool but can be quite useful. The only problem that can be caused is if your security guard company’s name is too generic. 

The solution to this problem is targeting specific keywords related to your business, such as security patrol guards, security guard tour systems, security guard services, etc. Tracking them over time can help you understand which keywords work and which don’t so you can update them accordingly to increase your reach.

Pay Attention To Online Customer Reviews 

Do you know that a lot of people make their purchase decision sometime solely based on online reviews? And since it isn’t just applicable to products but also services, security guard companies pay attention to the review they receive from their customers online then be those regarding their guards behavior, reports sent by them using security patrol app, guard tour system, etc. Having positive reviews can help skyrocket your brand awareness while negative ones can undoubtedly provoke a tough time.

How do you plan to measure the brand awareness of your security guard company?