As a security guard, you are certain to face various risks on-site while trying to help protect others to the best of your abilities. But, ensuring your own safety while doing so should also be on the list of your priorities. Often we are stuck answering the question about ways to protect client property using a security guard mobile app, but little do we discuss the challenges they face.

Security guard mobile app can play a vital role in resolving them as well only if your guards get familiar with the way it works. Guardso, security guard mobile app is easy to use and is available on multiple platforms. With diverse features available for the guards to work with, it can even save their lives in tense situations.

Watch mode feature is one such great aspect of the security guard mobile app that allows taking photos and videos on the post site. The openshift feature allows the guards to choose for themselves the shift they want to work. While GPS tracking, along with QR & NFC enabled tags ensures site tour completion. The list of the features is so comprehensive that you have to try to believe it.