How Security Guard Management Platform Reduce Time Theft?

What are the best ways to keep your security guards from wasting their time as well as your security guard company’s precious time? Is GuardsPro security guard management platform the answer to prevent time theft? Given below are the answers to all these mind-boggling questions. 

Capture And Manage Work Hours Accurately

GuardsPro security guard management platform comes integrated with a mobile patrol app for security guards. It allows capturing all the work hours of security guards in real-time, and with a few clicks can also show the real-time labor cost involved. Hence, this increases accuracy and mobility while decreasing the scope for time theft.

Smart Scheduling Prevents Overtime

Eliminating overtime cost is a mammoth task, that despite various efforts, may not be possible, but it can certainly be reduced. GuardsPro’s skill set scheduling is the perfect way to ensure that while encouraging security guards to use their skills effectively. This, in turn, can boost the security guard’s morale to work diligently on-site.

Open Shift Allows Choosing The Shift

One of the best features of the GuardsPro security guard management platform is the open shift. It allows the security guards to pick and choose the shifts they want to work so they can balance their work and personal life in a better way. It, in fact, also provides security guards the access to schedule and shift information in advance to stay focused when on the job.

GPS Tracks Real-Time Movements On-Site

GPS tracking has changed the way security guards were once tracked or supervised on-site. Today all they need to do is carry a smartphone with GuardsPro’s mobile patrol app installed on it. It will help ensure your security guards are always on the move and not committing time theft. There is no better way than this or geofencing which is the next point on this list. 

Geofencing-Based Check-In And Out

Mobile patrol app-based check-in/out is great, but certainly not better than geofence timekeeping. Whenever a security guard enters or exits the geofenced area, he is automatically checked-in/out of the site to prevent time theft. This also helps to significantly minimize the possibility of human error.

Get Notified When The Guard Is Idle

Apart from GPS tracking and geofencing, GuardsPro security guard management platform comes equipped with a unique feature called guard idle log. This log provides detailed insight into the inactivity time of different security guards for different post-sites. Live notifications can further keep you updated on the security guards who are not active on post sites.

Define Custom Breaks For Guards

Breaks are often considered among the topmost reasons for time theft in almost every company, irrespective of the industry. To this problem, the GuardsPro security guard management platform offers a very simple solution, and that is to create custom breaks and define different times as desired for your security guards on-site. This will encourage them to return to work on time.

Mobile Patrol App

Sign Up For GuardsPro 30 Days Risk-Free Trial

To ensure that your security guards are performing work on the clock, you can also randomize monitoring. You can also view various histories to get a clear picture of their work hours using GuardsPro security guard management platform. Further, stay on top of the security guard’s work hours to also create payroll effortlessly, and do much more.

If you are looking for a platform that can do more than just that, GuardsPro security guard management platform is the one for you. To get hands-on experience on all it, sign up for a 30-day free trial or click here to view the demo right away without the hassle of scheduling a call. For more information, head to our website and read more about GuardsPro.